Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prayers Please

I really struggled with sharing this info or not and then I decided we could use all the prayers we can get. On Sunday, we celebrated our oldest furbaby, Pebbles, 14th birthday. It was a few days late she was born on Jan. 30th but that was super bowl Sunday that year and hubby wanted to do her party on super bowl Sunday. So she and the rest of the furbabies enjoyed the bite size cupcakes and various doggie treats. We watched the Super Bowl and then all went to sleep. During the day Monday, she began to limp on her back legs. She had back surgery in 2005 and they removed discs and fused her spine together. Well, by the time hubby got home around 5 pm she had lost the use of her back legs. A trip to the vet on Tuesday, confirmed our nightmare that she wouldn;t be able to use those legs anymore. They gave us the option of putting her to sleep but we said no, she isn't suffering, she just can't use her back legs anymore. So, we got online and researched and ordered her a pink mini dog wheelchair that will fit her back and back legs and she will be able to be mobile again! I hope it gets here soon. It is coming from NH so I called the company to see if I should pay the 50 for 3 days shipping or how long they thought it would take to get here with the standard shipping of 22.00. They said 3 days max so not to spend the extra money. Please say a prayer for us and me especially. I am home alone with her most of the day to around 5pm when hubby gets home. So, I have to lift and carry her outside to potty and then back in again. She is a chunkie monk at 20lbs so it is causing me some pain in my lower back and legs but I will do it till the wheelchair gets here. I just hate to see her like this. the videos and testimonials of the people who have dogs that have lost the use of their back legs all praise this wheelchair. So, we are hoping that it will help her and we are going to try to get her to loose a few pounds as she can't drag herself with her front paws because she is a little chunky. She has been thorough a lot since she was born. She had the back surgery and then the next year she had to have bladder stones removed so now she only can drink distilled water. We love our furbabies so much and it is killing us that one of them is in distress. Bella can sense that there is something wrong and she will snuggle as close as possible to Pebbles and it is the sweetest thing to see. I have not been out of the house except to take her outside since Saturday. So, I have packages to mail and hubby gets off at 11am on Fridays so I can go to the post office then to mail out my swap packages. I am so sorry that they are delayed in getting to you. I just don't feel comfortable leaving her home by herself during this time. Please keep Pebbles and our family in your prayers.

I would like to ask you to also pray for a fellow blogger. Angie from Just a lil rageddy blog is having a hard time of it. She got hurt on the job in 2011 and had back surgery. She never got any better. She is going to have to have another surgery at this end of Feb. She has also been diagnosed with other severe medical conditions. She is a single Mom to a six year old girl. She has no income except a survivor benefit from her daughter's father. That small check keeps her from getting any further aide and it barely pays the rent. She is a wonderful person, she was the first to do a swap with me when I started blogging. Linda from Parker's Paradise is having a blog sale to raise money for Angie. Debbie from Cozy Blanket has also blogged about Angie. Please help out this fellow blogger anyway you can. I can only imagine dealing with all the physical pain and emotional issues all by yourself.
Thank you ladies.


BumbleBeeLane said...

It's hard when our furbabies are suffering.I've heard alot of good about the wheelchairs.Be careful with the lifting you can't help if your out of comission too.Hugs!~Amy

Debby said...

You are such a good fur baby mama. At first I was thinking what kind of dog do you have, dah, a weinie baby.
I read poor Angie's post. My goodness. I read it and couldn't even make a comment. I didn't know where to start. I can't believe that she can't get help. Yes, I can because other friends of mine are going through similar things. How do I this sale? Maybe I can think of something to help her. Thanks for posting this. (((((HUGS))))) My Yorkie has been limping. I took her to the vet and they gave her some meds and we were to watch her. It's not getting better. I have been putting it off to take her back. I will call now.

Sandy said...

Oh Lynn, There are prayers coming your way fir sure for you , your sweet little pup and your friend....I had a friend that got a rescue dog and as a pup they thought she had kennel cough, well when she got about 10 she got real wobbly on her back legs and the same thing happened, they went out on her, come to find out the "kennel cough" had been distemper. She also got a wheelchair and loved it for quite awhile, but with the distemper it just kept moving up her they sadly put her down...she was the best dog! Word of advice, get your home wheelchair she doesn't catch herself on items low to the floor....Big hug Lynn, you hang in there....

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Sending Prayers your way! Sorry to hear about your fur baby!

Perfectly Printed said...

Sending good thoughts your way that the wheelchair helps...we had a weinie dog growing up and the same thing happend to her...early 60' dad made her a wheelchair it worked great!! Will pray for Angie too.