Saturday, January 19, 2013

Be Careful

I thought I would share something with you. Today we received two phone calls and the caller ID
said private name, private number. The 1st call, I picked up the phone and said hello, no one answered,just a strange clicking sound, and then a busy tone. 2nd call, Hello, this is John from Windows tech support. There is something wrong with your computer. I asked how he got our number and that there was nothing wrong with our computer. If he was from Windows, he would know we have two computers in the house, he would not give me the name, address, and info for his business. I hung up on him after I asked how he got our number, and to not call us again. I did some research on the computer. Just put in the search window, someone calling from Windows. This is a scam!! They get people to fall for this and allow them entrance into their computer by following the list of things they tell you to do with your computer. They have scammed people out of 49.00 to over 500.00 dollars. Oh, the caller has a thick Indian accent,they are not calling from the US. I found out they have tried this scam in Great Britain and other countries also.Please if you get a call from these people just hang up. Pass this on, someone elderly or the really young people may fall for this an allow them to access their computers. Once allowed in the computer, they can get your personal and business info. I read that this has been reported to the FTC so hopefully they can find these people and shut them down. I have been angry and upset all evening because of this, it just irks me that people try to take advantage of other people. We try not to sign up for giveaways at the fairs and events like that so they can't have our number and we try to always ask that companies we do business with not to sell our info to other companies. It just makes me so mad!!!!!

Have a great week ahead!


vivian said...

good to know. I dont hardly ever answer my phone unless its a number I know. All others have to leave a message, and if I need to I will call them back. I probably could cancel my house phone, I dont really need it.
Have a great sunday
hey, just thinking, I never received a package with your uniforms, did you mail it?

Shirley Hatfield said...

Like Vivian, I never answer the phone if it's a number or name I don't recognize. If the call is important...they can leave a message.

Debby said...

I suppose the ransom scam wasn't working anymore so they had to come up with something else. (The one where you are in a foreign country and have been mugged and need money to get home)Seriously wwhen will this stop. Glad you didn't fall for it.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Lynn, Great to know this information. Wow! What is the matter with our world today!
Have a great week ahead! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, (No Scam Here LOL) Can you please send me your address again - I can't seem to find it. I want to send you your valentine. Thank you! Patti

chris mckinley said...

Thanks for the heads up! I agree with Shirley...if I don't know the number they can leave a message!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh this makes me so angry! Thank you so very much for alerting me to this issue.

Sandy Camarda said...

That sucks! I discovered that 4 call centres in India are employed with people who call our area (in Canada) 2-3 times a day- asking if we want our ducts cleaned. It's so annoying!


Danice said...

Oh my, we got that same call. I actually made a post to warn people about this scam. Thanks for warning people also. I am a new follower. Found you on Linda's Parker's Paradise with the sales for her sick friend. I also wish we bloggers could raise some more money for this lady. I did purchase one of the items Linda had for sale. Blessings ♥