Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend fun

On Saturday Duane, Dana, Emily, Stacy, Heather, and myself went to the local 14th Annual HOPS Festival in downtown Hickory, NC! I was the DD for the day because I do not enjoy the taste of beer! LOL now if it had been a frozen drink festival I would have been tasting the creations LOL

The area sponsors made sure there were lots of cold bottled water and flavored water on hand too! I enjoyed those! I also spent a lot of my time sitting and watching the crowd! There was a lot to look at!! After the Festival ended we went out to dinner and then back home for the evening! It was a fun time!

Have a great week!

Here is a picture of my hubby and my daughter Dana!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sarge in the Sun

Dana snapped these sweet pictures of my lil Sarge enjoying laying in the sun on his bear rug on the porch! We purchased the rug from our local Sam's Club a few years ago and the fur kids love it!!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter at the wienee ranch

Boy the month of April is flying by!! We have had a return of cold temps and rainy days that have sent a chill to my bones and they do not like it!! Thank you Lord for a beautiful and sunny Easter Sunday! It was so beautiful and a we spent the day at home. Our beautiful daughter Dana, and our grand fur babies had a great day sitting on the porch and just being together. The Easter Bunny did deliver a few goodies to the fur babies! This first picture are the goodies the babies got from the secret paw pals. We belong to a group on facebook for dachshunds and their owners. You know I am not the only human that spoils their wienees LOL Mine are not nearly as spoiled as some of those lucky pooches I see on facebook but mine are loved and are spoiled as much as we can spoil them. Sarge knows what B Y E and G O I N G spell and if you spell it he starts barking and running to the front door ready to go BYE and Going somewhere in the car or truck LOL

I joined Amy of Bumble Bee Lane Spring swap and I got a lovey box of goodies from Cindy! I adore and love each and every goodie she sent me! Thank you so much for hosting Amy and thank you Cindy for the great goodies!

I thought I would share how I decorated the living room for Easter and spring. Those decorations will come down today and the Americana d├ęcor will go up! I love Americana and anything that is red, white, and blue. I thank God daily for the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces and for their families! God Bless our Troops and please pray for them daily!

Many of the items I decorate my home with for the holidays and seasons were gifts from blogging friends! I love to see them each year when I decorate my home and remember who I received the items from. Blogging has brought so much joy to my life since I became disabled in 2010 from the 5 failed back surgeries. It has kept me socially active if only on the internet and now that I am pain medicine free but not pain free, I am getting out and doing more and more each day and week! I may walk with a limp but I get there LOL Thank you all for being there for me.
Have a blessed week!