Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Mail Day! Heart Swap arrived

I went to take the fur-babies out for the afternoon potty break and discovered that the mail lady had left a package at my front door! It arrived from Cummings, GA and my swap partner Donna Harris!!
OMG!!!! Did I ever get spoiled! She must have back read my blog and discovered that I am an Americana collector and lover of the Red, White, and Blue! She must have also discovered that I am totally and hopelessly in love with the three cutest fur-babies ever, Bella, Sarge, and Cocoa Puff!! My package included a vintage dachshund figurine that I also collect, a box of dachshund theme valentine card kit, a handmade heart that is just prim perfect, two metal stars that I also love, a frame stitched heart tree, a valentine hand towel, a flag ornie, a red pip berry candle ring, a container of cupcake sprinkles, a package of scented tarts for my tart warmers, a handmade Valentine card with a vintage valentine on it (I also collect vintage valentines), a cute sticker page of a vintage paper doll and her clothes all in a valentine theme, a pack of Reese Peanut Butter cups, and a bag full of handmade valentine cookies. Thank you so much Donna! I was feeling kinda down today! My back and legs are giving me a fit in all of this cold weather! I am determined to continue to stay clear of the narcotic pain meds, so just taking muscle relaxers and advil! If you don't mind keep me in your prayers that the pain will go away! Pictures are below so you can see my goodies. Donna, your package will be postal on Monday!

Thank you Donna for all the wonderful goodies! You spoiled me! Hugs!

 The pictures below show what we woke up to on Wednesday morning after the first snow of 2014 in Conover, NC!! It was just beautiful and super cold 10 degrees!

 Do you see the little cross and the small tree at the front of the picture? That is the grave site where our beloved Hershey, Deacon, Baby, and Pebbles are all buried. Hubby put white stones and the cross on there when we loss Hershey in 2004! It is a memorial to them and how much we loved them. Pebbles would have been 15 years old yesterday! I cried almost all day! I still miss her so much! It will be one year on 2/25/2014 that she left us. Rest in Peace babies and we will see you again one day!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We have had frigid temps for the pass few weeks but while the rest of the east as had snow to go with that, none around here till today! It has been falling since about 11:30 am EST!

This past Saturday we drove up to Blowing Rock, Boone, and Grandfather Mountain to see some snow! Oh my, was it cold and windy! But we were blessed to get there at just the right time and it snowed on us as we traveled between the three locations!  We pulled over just down the road from Grandfather Mountain and got out and played a little and I mean just a little! LOL, We of course took the three fur-kids with us! Bella wanted nothing to do with the snow and Sarge and Cocoa had a blast running around in it!

Enjoy the pictures. Can you tell we love our fur-babies??!!! They make our lives so much sweeter!


 The above pictures were taken when we pulled off just down the road from Grandfather Mountain, NC! Bella hated walking in the snow and that why the littlest Diva is being carried!
 We decided to travel on a road between Grandfather Mountain and Blowing Rock, North Carolina. The scenery was just breath taking! The picture above is of a frozen water fall! Just beautiful!
 This huge rock sits out on the side of the road. The top is actually above the lane of traffic. Tractor Trailers are not permitted on this stretch of highway! Now, I know why!
 Our first snow of 2014!! It had been snowing about 15 minutes when I took these pictures!

 One of the bird feeders in our front yard. A blue jay having a snack on a snowy morning!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

we are thawing out!

Monday and Tuesday were record cold setting days in our area of North Carolina. We had wind chills in the minus. Hubby's work is on the energy share program so they were sent home on Tues and went in at noon today!

I had a huge scare right after he left! A huge gun fire sound in our back yard!!! It was so loud and close the back windows of the house shook and Bella came running from our bedroom! She HATES loud noises! So, I called 911 and then called the hubby. The deputy arrived first and was checking out around our home and then up and down the road. Hubby arrived right after! Nothing looks out of place or damaged but it scared the ______ out of me and the fur-babies!

I have been taking down Christmas and putting out Valentines Day! I have found lots of things I forgot I had! I must have had a brain fart when putting things away last year! I found a bag of primitive style rabbits for Easter and can't remember where I got them from!!! Do you ever do that??

I snapped some pictures of the fur-babies in their jammies yesterday!!
I love these fur-babies so much and they make our life so much better!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Have you made your new year resolutions? I did not this year! Why set myself up to fail! I do have goals for this year! My word for 2014 is forgiveness! I am the type of person to hang on to things that I should let go of  and I only injury myself this way! So my goals for 2014 are the following:
1. to spend more time studying God's word!
2. to forgive myself for my shortfalls, flaws, and all the stupid mistakes I make!
3. to forgive others and let go of past hurts.
4. Spend more time with my extended family
5. To learn how to sew on the machine and by hand.
6. To learn how to embroider, knit, crochet, and hopefully needle felting
7. To learn more about my family's history. I have lots of pictures of my paternal Grandmother's family and my husband's family. I want to learn the history of the people I came from. I have West, Gregory, Kirby, Collins, and Starnes blood in me. There may be more. But thanks to a Bible I found from my father, Larry Ray Kirby, who died when I was 20 months old, I found out the names of his Mother's Mother and Grandmother. And found out that he had the familiar chicken scratch writing like many men.
8. To hopefully add a new dachshund or two to our family this year. I am praying the right girls will come along that will soften my hubby's heart.
9. To make more crafts this year.
10. To work on family scrapbooks this year.
11. To be a better wife and Mother.

I hope this year is a better year for our country. I watch the news every day and get so upset. I want our country to be strong again. I want to be able to buy things that say Made in America! I want a government that works for us, the people and not themselves! If they pass laws that we have to live by then they should have to live by those laws too. I hope this year is a blessing in many ways.

I promised pictures of the furbabies at Christmas so here you go!