Wednesday, January 8, 2014

we are thawing out!

Monday and Tuesday were record cold setting days in our area of North Carolina. We had wind chills in the minus. Hubby's work is on the energy share program so they were sent home on Tues and went in at noon today!

I had a huge scare right after he left! A huge gun fire sound in our back yard!!! It was so loud and close the back windows of the house shook and Bella came running from our bedroom! She HATES loud noises! So, I called 911 and then called the hubby. The deputy arrived first and was checking out around our home and then up and down the road. Hubby arrived right after! Nothing looks out of place or damaged but it scared the ______ out of me and the fur-babies!

I have been taking down Christmas and putting out Valentines Day! I have found lots of things I forgot I had! I must have had a brain fart when putting things away last year! I found a bag of primitive style rabbits for Easter and can't remember where I got them from!!! Do you ever do that??

I snapped some pictures of the fur-babies in their jammies yesterday!!
I love these fur-babies so much and they make our life so much better!!!


lilraggedyangie said...

Been super cold here in Ohio as well...but Fudge doesn't wear cute jammies like your doxies :) ...hope you don't have any more loud noises how scary...Hugs lil raggedy

Danice said...

We have also had very cold weather, but today it is above freezing. Cute doggie photos :)

Debby said...

Not sure if this could be what you heard but they are saying these loud noises here outside are ice quakes. I think that's what they are calling them. Something about all the rain we had then the freezing. They said the noises are outside from the ground. I have had some loud noises inside the house.
My doggies have jackets since they had December haircuts.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Let's hope the loud noises are done. How scary. What sweet jammies for your furbabies.

Elizabeth said...

Yes,it was also cold in North Florida ( check out my blog)your fur babies are soo cute!