Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy mail day!

OH MY GOSH!! Is this not the sweetest doxie ever??? I named her Baby after my sweet doxie that we had for 16 amazing years. Baby passed away on December 4, 2010. I still tear up when I think of her which is almost daily. Sweet Meri from ImagMeri made her for me. I love that she tied my favorite red, white, and blue ribbins around her neck and painted the base in those colors too.

Thank you so much for making this sweet doxie for me!! It was so worth the wait on her!! Your work is so amazing and I am so pleased to have an original by Meri! I love the sweet label you put on the bottom!!! I will treasure this forever! Thank you so much!! You were one of the first ladies to welcome me into the circle of bloggers when I found you girls late last summer!! I found a blog called Old Glory Cottage. Carol's blog stole my heart because of her love for the red, white, and blue and anything patriotic!! She had an amazing list of blogs on the side of her blog. I visited each one that she had listed and discovered the most wonderful women and the adorable art and creations. It has been such a blessing in my life. I wanted to thank you for accepting my hand in friendship when I extended last year! Your prayers and encouragement have meant so much to me!!

ps, I have gotten more packages this week. but I have had a bad pain week. It has been rainy and damp most of the week and that plays havoc with my body. I have two choices, don't take the pain meds and hurt so bad I can't stand myself or take the pain meds and be so groggy and sleepy that I can't stand myself and just give up and sleep the days away!! Please pray for my hubby!! He needs the prayers too , even though he can't feel the pain that I have, it affects his life like it does mine. Maybe worst for him. I can't do the things I used to do anymore. I am a huge clean freak and used to sweep, mop, clean the bathroom, kitchen, and dust daily! yes, I know crazy! Now if I do this, I can't hardly move the next day!!!! So, my illness has limited what I do, the trips we take, and everything and everyday life! I so hate it!!! I wished  a million times that I could have a new spine! One that was normal and that didn't cause pain with ever movement I make! so, I will take pictures and post all the goodies I have gotten this week soon.
I appreciate all the wonderful ladies I have met while blogging! You ladies have inspired me so much!! Hugs,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stop by and see what's new at the Wienee Ranch

 This adoreable banner was made for me by my sweet blogging friend, Shirley! Her blog is Zetta's Aprons. If you have never visited her before please stop by and say hello. She has been such a blessing in my life. She checks up on me when I haven't been online for a while, she has sent many prayers up on my behalf! Thank you Miss Shirley!!!

Below are lots of pictures of my home decorated for the summer! I leave my patriotic decorations out from May till September 11th each year! I love the red, white, and blue!! I collect any thing in those colors and anything that is patriotic or Americana!!

 The flower arrangement in the grubby can with the patrioitc image label was bought from Shelia  on etsy

 The hanging mail pouch was purchased on etsy from Brenda at the Rusty Thimble! She makes adoreable primitive style items. The sweet brown hats were purchased from Tammy at NC primitives from the past. The sweet ditty bag was made by Linda Parker from Parker's Paradise blog

The patritoic mouse was sent to me from Valerie in the summer swap!
Second shelf, the watermellon pin keep  and watermelon pieces were from my Shelia my candle hugger pal. The wooden watermelon slices came from Valerie!

 the blocks were made by Chipper Nely

 Star goodies are from Katie my pal for Amy's Bee Happy swap
The bee on the second shelf and the little chamber pot were from Katie my pal in Amy's Bee Happy Swap
bugs on mirror tray came Katie

The above pictures are of the front porch decorated for the summer. Hubby put up the porch swing and we got the wood rockers last week! I love my front porch. We stay out there a lot in the all seasons!We get lots of compliments on the porch. Hubby designed and built it himself. Also shown are the flowers on each side of the side walk leading down to the entrance and front porch of the Wienee Ranch. I hope you enjoyed the picutres. To all the girls that have been swap buddies, thank you again for everything!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pebbles' Birthday party

 This is our oldest furbaby, Pebbles! She is in her party dress waiting for the birthday party to get started!
Here is the party table and decorations. I made the happy birthday banner with DCWV pet stack 12x12 paper. The treat bags are filled with dog treats and a dog toy for each of the furbabies! Yes, we are those crazy dog people LOL
 This is our youngest furbaby, Cocoa Puff!! She is wearing a party dress too! all furbabies get dressed up to attend the birthday parties!
 This is our only little boy, Sarge!! He is wearing his cameo jacket for the party and trying to sneak and grab a goodie bag off the table when I wasn't looking! Haha Daddy caught him and snapped the picture!
 Here is our Bella Boo! She is so dainty and such a little diva on top of it! Her color is listed as an Isabella. She is a soft gray color. Sarge and her are a couple and Cocoa Puff is one of their puppies!
 Another picture of the birthday girl Pebbles in her party dress and matching birthday hat! The green thing beside her is a stuffed woodpecker from Kohl's. She loved that toy!! I buy the stuff animals at Kohl's when the hit the clearence for 2.50 each. I usually buy 4 of them so each furbaby has their own. I know, trust me, my furbabies are treated better than some children.  They give me unconditional love and compainionship. They do not care if I am not feeling good, don't have my makeup on and my hair done, they just want to be close to me and love on me and I love them so much! Can't imagine life without them!!!
Another shot of sweet Bella Boo in her party dress and birthday party hat!! We have a shop called Cozy Petza about 4 minutes from the house. She handmakes all of her dog clothes and sells them in specaility shops all over the country. We found some of her outfits in a pet store at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She loves to dress the furbabies and they have a ball when we take them to her store. She makes the cute birthday hats too. She is very talented and is such a sweet lady !

Just wanted to share a little of the reason why the title of my blog is Life on The Wienee Ranch!! These sweet furbabies are such a big part of our lives! They have brought lots of happiness and joy into our lives. Pebbles is 14 now , Bella just turned 6, Sarge will be 6 on July 20th, and Cocoa turns 5 on September 20th!

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July tear bears

Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th week!! We did!! It was hot and humid but hubby ,I, and the four furbabies had a wonderful week. We took a couple of day trips, got some projects finished at the house, and of course started a few more. Seems you never get done with the honey do lists!! I wanted to share these wonderful tear bears with you. I bought them a few years ago off of ebay from a paper artist known as paper piecings by Olivia!! Her work was very popular and her tear bears caused quite a few bidding wars. I was lucky to win several of her pieces over the years. Sadly, she is no longer creating these wonderful little pieces of art!! She made a couple of pieces for me special order, a softball bear and a soldier bear!!
Have a wonderful week!

I am up to taking on a few more friendship garland pals if anyone is interested! Just let me know!
hugs and stay cool.