Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy mail day!

OH MY GOSH!! Is this not the sweetest doxie ever??? I named her Baby after my sweet doxie that we had for 16 amazing years. Baby passed away on December 4, 2010. I still tear up when I think of her which is almost daily. Sweet Meri from ImagMeri made her for me. I love that she tied my favorite red, white, and blue ribbins around her neck and painted the base in those colors too.

Thank you so much for making this sweet doxie for me!! It was so worth the wait on her!! Your work is so amazing and I am so pleased to have an original by Meri! I love the sweet label you put on the bottom!!! I will treasure this forever! Thank you so much!! You were one of the first ladies to welcome me into the circle of bloggers when I found you girls late last summer!! I found a blog called Old Glory Cottage. Carol's blog stole my heart because of her love for the red, white, and blue and anything patriotic!! She had an amazing list of blogs on the side of her blog. I visited each one that she had listed and discovered the most wonderful women and the adorable art and creations. It has been such a blessing in my life. I wanted to thank you for accepting my hand in friendship when I extended last year! Your prayers and encouragement have meant so much to me!!

ps, I have gotten more packages this week. but I have had a bad pain week. It has been rainy and damp most of the week and that plays havoc with my body. I have two choices, don't take the pain meds and hurt so bad I can't stand myself or take the pain meds and be so groggy and sleepy that I can't stand myself and just give up and sleep the days away!! Please pray for my hubby!! He needs the prayers too , even though he can't feel the pain that I have, it affects his life like it does mine. Maybe worst for him. I can't do the things I used to do anymore. I am a huge clean freak and used to sweep, mop, clean the bathroom, kitchen, and dust daily! yes, I know crazy! Now if I do this, I can't hardly move the next day!!!! So, my illness has limited what I do, the trips we take, and everything and everyday life! I so hate it!!! I wished  a million times that I could have a new spine! One that was normal and that didn't cause pain with ever movement I make! so, I will take pictures and post all the goodies I have gotten this week soon.
I appreciate all the wonderful ladies I have met while blogging! You ladies have inspired me so much!! Hugs,


Shirley Hatfield said...

You are right...that is the sweetest Doxie ever! Meri is so talented and unselfishly shares those talents with us all. I'm glad you got your buttons. The mail was slower than I expected. Your kind words brightened my day. I wish I could do more to lighten your burden, but I'm glad to share friendship with you. Isn't the world a wondrous place?

Sandy said...

I have been seeing this little doxie through the different stages and I think this is one of Meri's best works ever!!!!!! That cute!!!!! She re worked him more than once until "Baby" just spoke to her.....I am so glad you found us! We just adore you and your doxies!!!! Sandy

Sandy said...

Understand the pain issues, I have a thunder storm coming in right now and I am hurtin' for certain! Take care!!!!


Hi Lynn,
Your "Baby" is beyond darling!!Meri does an AWESOME job!!!
Hope you have a pain free week/day! When I had my kidney stone attack...I was in PAIN!!The morphine really took care of the pain, plus it finally passed!

ImagiMeri said...

You are most welcome sweet lady! I'm so glad "Baby" came to you and that you love her so much. I really appreciate my customers feeling such a connection to their work.

God Bless,

Creative Breathing said...

Lynn, This is Meri's cutest sculpture yet! She has the touch! I wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last two posts. I will never forgive myself for the terrible confusion that caused me to be unkind to you. It was a reminder lesson for me that unkindness pays a price for a very long time. Thank you again for your understanding.