Friday, November 22, 2013

My dachshund and pet theme tree!

I love Christmas! Everything about it!!! Except the shopping, grumpy people, and those that try to steal the true meaning and joy of Christmas! I believe in giving, just not on December 25! All year long! Anyway back to the fun!

I started a dachshund theme Christmas tree after my first Christmas season spent working at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem, North Carolina! Christmas is a special time at Baptist hospital! In the Brenner's Children's Hospital especially. Each unit has their own theme of trees. I saw a dog theme tree my first year there working as a Registered Respiratory Therapist! So, that sent me on the path of collecting dachshund ornaments for my tree. Well, my daughter informed me that she has cats as pets, so a few cat ornaments are added. One year we found an adorable Chow Chow ornament that looked exactly like a Chow Chow we had when the kids were toddlers. So, in Lebo's memory there is now an ornament that looks just like him near the top branch on the tree. We have lost 2 more doxies that we loved very much since I started decorating the tree so I enjoy seeing their ornaments even if it does bring a tear or two running down my cheek! I try to find a new ornament each year to add. Sometimes that is harder than user, Dachshund things sell out fast when they hit the retail market!!! Looks, like the companies would make more!!! LOL Enjoy these pictures and have a wonderful weekend!

I plan to do more decorating, make Christmas cards with my daughter, do lots of Christmas crafts, watch Christmas movies, and listen to Christmas music!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

For Trade

I purchased  this a few years back! I ordered it from a TV infomercial while I was in the hospital for my fourth back surgery! I have no ideal why I ordered it because I had a Cricut machine at home! I blame it on pain, not sleeping, and good IV pain meds while in the hospital, funny thing, and true story! It was delivered in December and it was put out in my craft room and the 3rd and 4th back surgeries didn't go so well, two surgeries 4 months apart, cutting into the same area of my back again, and not doing well with the surgeries themselves, I didn't find the unopened package until spring of the next year! I called the company and it was too late to send it back! It has sat in that box in the corner for my craft room for 4 years. So, if you think you would like to use it, want it, and would be willing to trade something I might like or use. Just let me know! It is new still in the packaging and inside the box it was shipped to me in!
I will be cleaning out and DE cluttering my craft room and I will be listing more items for sale or trade! It is time to do this and let someone else enjoy stuff that I have bought cause I thought I had to have it and then never used it!
Please keep me in your prayers!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A belated and huge Thank you

Hello everyone,
Long time no blogging LOL which means I lost my password, had to find one that blogger would take LOL Crazy!
I joined in Amy's of Bubble Bee Lane Fall Swap! My partner was Francine from Primitive Stars blog! I sent my package and then worried for weeks that it took to get to her!! I got a thing in my mail saying my package hadn't been delivered because I wasn't home. So, I signed the card and placed it back in my mail box. Well, I waited, waited, and waited some more!! Then I finally called the Newton NC post office and asked if my package was there. It wasn't! So I thought oh no they sent it back. I waited all morning the next day sitting on the porch so I would see the mail lady arrive. Well, I met her at my mail box and asked her about the package and she said oh, I left it at the Conover, NC post office!! Why would she do that when my mail comes from the Newton NC post office. So, I called the Conover PO and sure enough the package was there!!! I am having issues and blogger will not let me upload the pictures!!!! But, oh my did I get a great package! Francine sent me two cute canvas pumpkins, a wonderful country prim tart warmer, apple tarts, a cute Halloween ornament tag, and the cutest little prim sunflowers! See even included a package of treats for the furbabies! I opened them and gave them some and made the mistake of leaving the box of goodies on a table in the living room. Hubby and I left later that evening to run errands. Sarge and the girls helped themselves to all the treats while we were out!!! LOL Sarge is the climber so I am sure he got up on the table and got the treats out of the box!!!! I am sure he shared with the girls!!! They all looked guilty when we got back that night! They are such little stinkers!
I am proud to say that I am no longer on massive dosages of pain meds!! I hurt but I am enjoy life again!!!!I take the muscle relaxers and 800mg of ibuprofen!! No more of the drugged induced sleeps that used to consume my life! I just got tired of taking them and paying the outrages charges that the pain clinic drs charge to get my meds refilled for 3 months at a time!!!! I have also learned that the dr didn't do the nerve block stimulator trial correctly and charged me and my insurance of 15,000.00 for a procedure that took place in a drs office not a hospital!!! He only inserted one lead and there was to be two leads inserted! So, I am looking into what I can do. I get my records from the pain clinic and the surgeon tomorrow. I was shocked when I got the bills he sent into my insurance company!!!!
Amy thanks for hosting an awesome swap and Francine thank you so much for the wonderful goodies! I hope you enjoyed the fall items I sent you as much as I enjoyed the goodies from you! I will try the pictures tomorrow. I have not posted since Feb so blogger is giving me a fit!! I am not the brightest when it comes to uploading stuff anyways!!!
I have already started decorating for Christmas! I am looking for a set of ice skates for my front porch!! If anyone has some they want to get rid of let me know!