Friday, June 29, 2012

Friendship Banner Swap

Hello Friends in Blog Land!!! There is a buzz of some excinting new wonderful swaps going around
in blog land. Elizabeth of Creative Breathing blog swap came up with the most wonderful ideal
for a friendship garland swap! She has asked some wonderful blog friends to make a banner
for her friendship garland and in turn she would make a banner for their friendship garland. I have
sent out emails to some wonderful and talent bloggers that have welcomed me into
their online circle of friends to join me in making a banner for my friendship garland and I will make one for them.
Above are the tags that I made for the Cartoon tag swap that Tammy from
Tammy's in Love blog is hosting! I had so much fun making these tags. I new I wanted to use my favorite
color combination of red, white, and blue. Anyone that knows me or has visisted  me here on my blog,
know that I love anything red, white, blue, Americana, or patriotic. So when I went hunting for
images to use for my tags and I came across these Huckleberry Hound images on google, I knew I had
the images and theme for my tags! I am so proud of the way they turned out:O):O)!!!!

This is a picture of Elizabeth's banner from Creative Breathing

I have asked the following ladies to join me in my friendship banner garland. I would love to have a few more ladies to join me in making my banner and a banner for you. Please email me at or
leave a comment if you would like to trade a banner with me. I have choosen to make 6x6s squares for my garland. For the ladies that have already responded to my emails and said yes, please let me know what shape and size to make for you. Stay very cool the next few days. Here in North Carolina we are having temps over 100 for the next 4 to 5 days with no rain in sight until a small chance of rain on Tuesday night.

Meri from ImagMeri
Sandy from 521 Lake Street
Renee from My Vintage Mending
Shirley from Zetta's Aprom
Chris from Perfectly Printed
Tammy, from Tammy's In Love
Erica, from Golden Egg Vintage

If you would like to join me in swapping banners just let me know! I would love to have more friends to join in on helping to make my friendship garland. Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Jacob went to be with Jesus early this morning. Please join me in praying for his family as they deal with this terrible loss. He was only 15 days old! Thank you for joining with me to life this sweet and precious family up in prayers.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blessed with swap goodies

Hello, Sorry I have been MIA! I have been dealing with the usual pain issues except now they have changed my meds to Morphine. Lots of it!! Makes me very sleepy and I feel like I am sleeping my life away. It is either take it and sleep or not take it and be miserable! Also, Charter Cable has malfunction at our house! We have the bundle of services. Our cable tv and internet will work ever now and then and the phone has not worked since a week ago Friday! The Charter repair men have spent hours at my home every day this past week except Memorial Day. They still haven't got it fixed. We are only getting a small amount of the signal at a time and sometime no signal. They will be back Monday to work on rerunning all the cable and stuff. Joy, Joy, I have to keep all the furbabies in the bedroom which is fine if I stay in there with them, if not they are barking, whining, scratching, and eating the bedroom door!!!Oh well!! Now to the wonderful blessings I have received. I have not uploaded the pics yet because the internet will not locate my kodak easy share program with the low amount of signal we are getting. My candle hugger swap arrived from Michele!! She sent me the cutest watermelon theme hugger, pin keep, and the cutest little blocks with all my furbabies name on them with sweet little paw prints.Thank you so much Michele, I love everything. I have already put all the goodies you sent me out on display in different areas of my home. My hubby noticed the wood blocks with the baby's name on them first!! He loved them. I have them sitting beside framed pics of our furbabies!!! Thank you again!! I got my bug swap from Cindi!Oh my she sent me the cutest things. She sent me a star plate, a hand towel with a little thing to hang it with and cute stars on it. I put those goodies in my bathroom. I wonder how she knew I wanted to use a star theme for my bathroom?? She also sent the cutest little ladybugs!! A sweet little note pad, a little butterfly,this little tin pocket hanger, and a little frog too! Thank you so much Cindi!! I will post pics soon!! I got my summer swap from Valerie. She was the hostess of the swap. She sent me the cutest little patriotic mouse sewing the flag!! A beautiful metal star with red, white, and blue on it, a sweet metal frog for my garden. She was a super pal and I am loving all the goodies she sent me. I have mailed all of these ladies gifts to them and the only one that doesn't have theirs is Valerie but hers should be there by Monday. I mailed it yesterday. I have Amy's and Tammy's swaps to mail out Monday. I wanted to get on here and say Thank you since I can finally use the internet without if going away in the middle of a post!! YOu will not believe how many times I have tired to post this week and the internet would shut down!! I was about ready to throw the laptop and router out into the middle of Sipe Road to be put down by oncoming traffic!!! Please remember to say a prayer for me that this pain will go away and I can have a life again. Hubby and I went to Wally World to get a few groceries and cleaning supplies. Just walking in the store had me in tears!! I told him I felt like I had a 80 year old body!! Doing daily chores and shopping should not be hardship and shouldn't cause pain enough to make someone cry!!!Forgive me for whinning!! I try not to complain too much to the hubby, he worries enough about me, and I know it is stressful for him and I can understand that. We are still realatively young and we had planned on doing all kinds of things since the children are gone and now I can't do a lot of those things. So pray for me and him too! I am super blessed to have him. He is a wonderful man, if I mention I like this or oh, that would look so good in our home, he gets it for me, builds it for me, trys his best to keep me getting out and doing what I can. And he very seldoms complains about any of this and dealing with all my tears, fears, wants, and needs, and spoiling me too! WE celebrate our 30th ammiversary on October 15, 2012. We have been a couple for more than half of our lives!!! Ok, enough rambling. I will post pictures of all my goodies, my summer and patriotic decor, and my lovely flowers that hubby has planted for me this year. Have a wonderful weekend! To all of my swap partners!! Thank you again for the wonderful goodies that you sent my way, the prayers you said on my behalf, and the sweet kindness that you showed to me. Hugs to you all and I will treasure the sweet items you gave me always and will be reminded of you each time I look at them. Hugs, Lynn