Friday, November 18, 2011

Cute giveaway

Please visit the A Hole in the Basket primitive blog here

She just celebrated her birthday and is giving us a chance to win a sweet snowman and a clothes pin basket.
Hurry on over!!

Amazing giveaway

Here is another great giveaway to sign up for!! Amy at the Bumble Bee Lane blog is offering up a wonderful surprise gift for a giveaway. Amy has the sweetest blog and her home is prim perfect. She has an amazing talent to arrange all of her primitive goods. Amy was the first in blogland to let me sign up for a swap! She was my first partner and she spoilt me rotten with the wonderful fall goodies she sent me. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Her father is battling cancer and her being the sweet person she is, is doing whatever she can to make his journey during this time easier on him.

another give away

Brenda at the Rusty Thimble is givingaway one of her little elf dolls. Please visit her here and sign up for the giveaway. Please take the time to look at the amazing ornaments and other handmade items to decorate your home with or to give as gifts this Christmas season. My hubbie and I have decided on a handmade or bought handmade goodies for Christmas this year. I am so tired of helping China to get richer by buying their cheaply made and shottie workmanship goods. It is time we stand up for the good ole Americana workers. Please shop wisely this year and send a message to the big chain stores that we want products made in the USA!! If we all stand together and do this as a group of consumers we can make a difference in our country!!But we have to be careful just because we are buying homemade or handmade items are the supplies they are using made in America?? The craftsman has to do their part too and buy supplies that are made in the USA!! Also google items made in your state. You can make up gift baskets of items that are made in your state and give them as Christmas gifts. We have a wonderful candy company in North Carolina that makes the most wonderful melt away peppermint candy. I buy it by the little bucket full at my local Walgreens for less than 4.00 a container. The last Christmas I worked at Baptist hospital. I bought several buckets of peppermints. I put them in little baggies.Then I hand stamped a piece of peppermint candy. Cut them out and colored the image with markers. I assembled a bag topper out of red cardstock and white cardstock. I stamped the words Merry Christmas on the white cardstock and glues the piece of peppermint candy cut out onto the cardstock. Then I placed the bag topper onto the ziplock bag. Instead of handing out Christmas cards to co-workers I handed the bag of peppermints out. Everyone was thrilled with them. Just a little tip for a sweet little treat to give coworkers or anyone that you need to give a little something to.

Amazing giveaway

Ha ha, I told you I would be back!!! I found this adoreable blog while I was hopping along the blogging trial. The name of the blog is Sweet Bear Creek Whims! She makes the most adoreable dolls and snowpeople, gingerboys and gingergirls. She is going to start making patterns to sell in 2012. Please stop over and enter to win the cute gingerbread girl and wish her luck on her new adventure. You can find her blog here!

Wonderful Christmas giveaway!

Please visit of the Old Cupboard Door and leave a comment to win this adorable snowman! He is made with magical snowflakes don'tcha know:O)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Now go on over and visit a while!!

Wonderful Christmas giveaway!

Oh my, as I am blog hopping today I keep finding the most amazing bloggers that are offering the most amazing and cutest giveaways for the Christmas season. This sweet blogger is offering these cute little snowmen for her giveaway. Please visit the Barn Hollow here to enter this giveaway

I am sure I will be back to post some more giveaways.

another give away

Please go to Rose Petals and Rust blog here
and enter her give away for a beautiful handmade advent calandar. Also included in the calander are sweet little trinkets and surprises for each day of the Christmas holiday!!
Visit soon!

Wonderful Christmas giveaway!

Please check out this sweet blog here
She is hosting a giveaway with 3 different prize packages and you choose which package you would love to win. I opted for Group A which is a gingerbread theme package. I am so inspired by the blogs I visit and the pictures of their Kitchen decorated in every space available for Christmas so I am trying to do that in my kitchen. So far I have cleaned off one set of shelves that my hubby built for me a few years ago. I put my set of snowman dishes on it. I have lost one dinner plate and one coffee cup but it is ok. I put my cute little snowman bucket that I bought at
the gift shop at the Wake Forest Unverisity Baptist Medical Center when I worked there. I would always volunteer to work either Christmas Day or Christmas Eve for a coworker that had small children at home! I could not stand the thought of them having to wake their kids up super early on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve to have their Christmas before they came to work. By working Christmas Eves I was able to take advantage of the 75% off of the Christmas items in the gift shop and the gift shop was all Christmas from Thanksgiving on and they had the neatest and cutest stuff and they also allowed us to charge up to 300.00 worth and they would take payments out of our payroll checks! I would save my charge account and use it at this time. I have really gotten some super cute goodies over the years and now that I am not working miss the gift shop greatly. They always carried the sweetest things. They carried a complete line of college collectibles to so I could always add pieces to my son's and future son-in-laws UNC and Wake Forest collections.
Back to the Christmas decorating in the kitchen. I put a cute snowman cookie jar, three sets of vintage Christmas salt and pepper shakers, cute collection of snowman tins, snowman mugs, and the sweet little gingerbread house that lites up and a cute Santa shaker that Shirley from Zetta's Apron made for me. I still need to decorate another set of shelves and the shelf that runs above the two windows above my sink. I put out my set of red enamel tins that I bought from
This online store has the cutest decorative items as well as crafting supplies at great prices. Please check them out. The always have an advertisement in the Country Sampler magazines.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

" Wonderful Sunday at the Wienee Ranch"

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Sunday! We had a good one at the ranch today. My sweet hubby built me a new shelving unit for my bathroom. We used to have a window in our bathroom before he build onto our home in 2005. So, I have been bugging him to turn that space into a shelves for me to decorate in my bathroom. I saw a picture in a Country Sampler magazine of how I wanted it to look. So, he used a set of vintage kitchen cabinet doors for the back of the shelves. Then he used pieces of rescued barn wood for the shelves!! When he was finished I squealed with delight when I saw it!! The first thing I did was to get out the bottle of Murphy's wood soap and a pan of water. I cleaned the back and the shelves real good. Then the fun part!! Decorating!! I have been collecting things all spring and summer to go on those shelves. I had a set of decorative boxes that had various cute phrases on them. A set of three tin canisters with vintage advertiseing images on them. I have been collecting old bottles for years. My favorites are the sweet little bottle with a giraffe embossed on one side. It is a bottle for a sore throat medicine! How sweet! I also have two different sizes of vintage Listerine bottles. They have Listerine embossed around the top of the bottle and the company name at the bottom of the bottle. I also had an old vintage first aide kit, some old medicine tins and containers. I wish our products were packaged like that today!! Wouldn't that be fun. I am on the search for old soap boxes, more medicine bottles, tins, or containers, and any thing that may have been found in a bathroom back in the old days lol. I am also looking for outhouse accessories for the space too. I really want the shower curtain that has the outhouses on it but can't find it at an reasonable price or if anyone knows where I can get a primitive style shower curtain for less than 50.00 would you please let me know.

I was so touched by the comments left on my post this past Friday!! Thank you girls soo much for those sweet comments and your prayers. Several of you have stated how brave I am, trust me I am not brave at all. I am just to that point in this journey of life that I am tired of being in Pain, tired of not being able to be me anymore!! There is so much that I can not do anymore and it has it effects on me greatly. I struggle with issues of low self esteem, feeling like I do not belong anywhere, that I am not as good as a person any more. I feel bad that my hubby has to go to work every day and I am unable to go. I do what I can around the house. I try to keep my home clean and a welcoming place to come home to. Every task leaves me in more pain than before I started. I am limited to what I can't do. That grabber device is a blessing. It allows me to pick objects off the floor and to reach things on top shelves without having to climb on a stool. But, ladies, please don't call me brave because I am far from it. Most days I am in tears at some point, but I try to keep going and keep doing things and I try to not have to lay down and nap but some days I have no choice. But, I am so thankful for those that have responded to me in a positive way. I am so thankful for your kindness and your concern and most of all your prayers.
I hope you have a wonderful week.
I did put up my little vintage tag tree in my bedroom and put up some of my snowmen collection around in my bedroom. I love the little tags that I have collected for years now. It is such a simple tree but I think it is lovely! I love those old vintage Santa's and angels.

close up of some of the tag ornaments on my vintage tag tree in my bedroom

Mt vintage tag tree in my bedroom. It is decorated with tags made with vintage images of Santas, children, Vintage Christmas postcards, and some paper angel and Santa ornaments that were bought at the Dollar Tree in the early 90s

Vintage paper tag tree in my bedroom

My new shelves in the bathroom! My hubby built this today. The back is made using doors off of a set of vintage kitchen cabinets!! Do you not just love that sweet vintage green paint! The shelves are made out of old barn wood!! It has knot holes in the board!! I love it!! I showed him a picture in a Country Sampler magazine and this is what he built for me!! I am so lucky to have him for my hubby! He shares my love of old vintage items!! He loves to spend a day with me junkin as we call it! Stopping at our favorite antique stores or primitive country shops, out looking at old houses and farms. We love to hunt items at antique stores and junk stores. We also love it when we find something at the antique store that we have that item in our collection and laughing at how much they are selling their item for. I am such a lucky girl!! We have been together since 1980!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

" surgery is December 7, 2011

Hello everyone.
Thanks so much for the many prayers for me and my family.
I spend Friday morning in my surgeon's office. He gave me a good examination and then we discussed the 5 back surgeries. The new Doctor is in the same practice as my back Doctor and this Doctor assited with my third back surgery in June of 2009 when they cut the outer lining of my spinal cord and had to have another doctor to come in and help. So, the procedure is a hour or so long and they make two small incisions. He has to cut away some bone on my spine to be able to place the sensors on my spine. Then a battery is implanted in my lower hip area and that is under the skin deep enough that you can't see it but I can feel it if I was to press on that area. I will have to stay in the hospital over night and then the representive from the company that makes the device will come in the next day before I go home and show me how to program it and how to recharge the batteries and I have to have the battery unit replaced every 5 years. I am praying that this will help to ease the pain so I can get off of the pain medication! Right now, I am on 30mg of time released morphine every 12 hours and I have 10mg perocets that I can take in between for break thorough pain. This additional amount of morphine has had me sleeping more and more. But, that is to be expected. I am just so tired of hurting and tired of complaining about hurting. I want to be able to get up and do all the things that I have planned in my mind to do. Well, most days my body will not let me. I have become a flexible person LOL I now keep stamped images or printed out images from the computer in a large ziplock bag. When I am stuck in the bed because of pain either laying on a heating pad or ice pack. I cut out those images and if the are stamped images. I color them in and then cut them out. I have all kinds of thing ready to use when I feel like crafting and sitting up for an extended period of time. It has gotten to the point that if I lay down for a while or sit in a chair for a while, then when I go to get up, I am stiff and it hurts to move. So, please join in my prayer that this will take away all the pain that I am feeling and that I will be able to get my life back.

We spent the evening with my neice and her family. My great nephew will be 3 in December. We went over and they grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Then one of their friends came over with her 3 year old. The Mom had bought some play dough cookie dough. It looked just like the color play dough we all played with when we were younger. My neice did not have any cookie cutters I told her she should have called me but hey that is an ideal for a Christmas present. Well, we made cookies as best we could making shapes out of the dough. The little kids gave up and were happy to eat the dough from the containers LOL we put a stop to that. We made suns, flowers, faces, and so on. I even made a red strawberry with green seeds and green leaves at the top. Well we all sat in the floor to do this. Hubby had to get the fork lift to get me up out of the floor. Not really, but you get the point.

Well, I need to get off of this computer and finish my Christmas ornaments for a swap and finish packing up some swap goodies for a pal or to.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rednesday at the Wienee Ranch

Hope everyone is doing well on this lovely November Wednesday!! I am getting the itch to decorate for Christmas but I am trying to hold off. But I have decided to decorate my bedroom. I brought the little table top tree upstairs from the basement and had to take a pain pill and rest a bit. I am getting so tired of being in PAIN!!!!It is really getting on my nerves!! So, please say a prayer for me. I am not expecting to be pain free completely but a day every now and then without that constant burning stabbing pain in my lower back and right leg would be heaven. I try to keep going and keep doing things but it wears on me!!!! I hate to ask for help for anything and my husband bless his heart gets tired of hearing me complain about feeling bad. I guess he is just tired of hearing tales of not feeling well, when he visits his Mother that is all she talks about, her ailments and the ailments of her friends and then he comes on to me!!! And I am always in pain so I really try not to complain to him. Last Friday was so bad that when he came home from work I was in tears it was soo bad!! He said did you take your pain pills and I said of course they just aren't helping. My dr is increasing the strength again!!! I have two choices to be in pain or to take the meds and sleep the days away!!! So, I am miserable!! So sorry to whine, I know that I am blessed, I have a home, I have a good husband, I am surrounded by loving furbabies and good friends, I can walk, I can see, we have money to pay our bills and a little extra to get the things that we want but don't really need.

Please stop by the blog and congratulate her on having over 1000 followers. If you have never visited her blog plan to spend some time there and check out her files for each holiday listed on her sidebar. She creates the cutest little characters for each holiday. She makes the most amazing tags, banners, blocks, peg dolls, and snowmen that you have ever seen.

Please stop by http://it' and see all the other cool reds out there in blog land.

I am thinking about hosting a Valentine swap like Elizabeth at Creative Breathing did last year. I know it is a 4 months away but I would love to host a swap and I love vintage style valentines and I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in
Swapping Valentines with me. I make a valentine for you and you make a Valentine for me. We can list on our sidebars how many Valentines we are willing to make and send and then if people want to swap with us they leave a comment or email us and we swap Valentines. We could even make a cute little mail box to put our Valentines in and then open them on Valentine's Day just like when we were little girls.
Let me know what you think.
Oh and if you love Christmas you must visit Debbie Dabble Holiday Blog. I am telling you this lady loves Christmas. She has 14 Christmas trees and her upstairs is already decorated for Christmas. She is into the Victorian Style of Decorating. I love to look at that style of decorating but it just doesn't fit with my home. Believe me, we tried it. Both my husband and I love antiques and love all the details that the Victorian style has. The wonderful gingerbread molding, the dental molding, the big rooms with lovely rugs, the fancy wallpaper, all of it but our house is more of a country cottage than a Victorian home. But, oh we dream, lol
Thanks for dropping by.
oh one more thing, I am going to have some scrap packs for sale in a few days. I am cleaning out my craft room and getting rid of stuff that I don't like anymore or is not really my style now. I have a bunch of Webster's pages and Graphic 45 products to
but together in kits. Let me know if you would be interested and I will photograph and send you pictures.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and a great weekend ahead!

These are 3 boxes of ornaments containing 150 Christmas ornaments!!! I paid 8.00 for it!!! Was that a deal or what?? I do not decorate with purple,clear, or pearl looking ornaments but I will gift them to someone or sell them on ebay. I may see if there is a craft I can do to spruce them up. So any hints or how tos will be appreciated.

Santa's that I picked up at a yard Sales on Saturday. The big fat round one is a paint guord. Any tips on how to fix his hair and beard? It is all messed up and raggedy looking. Help please LOL

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Red-nes-day at the wienee ranch"

Today is my very first time linking up to "Red-nes-day" at

Sue is also hosting a Christmas tag swap. In this swap, you just may one tag and send it to your partner. You can also send a few little Christmas goodies if you want to, put it is not required. I hope you will go over and give it a look and join us for some fun.

Okay for my red pictures. I finally found the red and white kitchen canister that I have seen in many of your homes. I only was able to get three from the set but I am on the search for the other pieces to add to it. I also have an extra lid because the lid that was in the set does not fit on the tea canister. I was in a hurry when we stopped at the sale and I just picked it up and didn't look in it to see how many pieces they were. Oh, well, I only paid 8.00 for it so I am not too upset.

The next pictures are of my dachshund/pet tree. The ornaments are mainly different doxies but there are a few cats and a chow chow ornament in honor of our Chow Chow that we had. Leo was the sweetest dog ever. He was more of a light orange/blondish color and he looked like a little lion cub when he was a puppy. We had him for the first 10 years of Dana's life and then one day he was just gone. We searched and searched but never found him.

Shirley, I posted the pictures of the tree because you asked me to and you are too sweet not to grant yuour wish"O)
Have a great day everyone!!

Red and White canister set

Dachshund/Pet theme tree

close up of a few ornaments

few more ornaments

One of my favorite ornaments, Jim Shore's Dachshund ornament 2010 My daughter gave it
to me as part of my Christmas gifts last year!! It is just too cute!

few more of my ornaments up close

I hope you have enjoyed peeking at one of my favorite trees. I love this one so much that it stays up year round in our sitting room area. You can just see the bottom of
one of my antique telephones. Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Halloween recap at the Wienee Ranch"

Hello friends,
I hope you all had a joyous Halloween!! The wienee ranch was all aglow last night with Halloween Happenings!! For the first time in 29 years we had a double digit number of trick or treaters!! The highlight of the evening for me was my neighbors from a few houses up stopping by and wanting to see my house!!! Duane and I both took them on the tour. They were saying the nicest things and it made me feel good. It was the first time that they have ever been in my house. The icing on the cake happened at 20 minutes later when my neighbor's sister and daughter arrived wanting to see the cute house that her brother had been talking non stop about and to see the cute puppies!!! Oh girls, Can you imagine how I felt!! I almost teared up but kept it in check!! Oh, it made me soo happy and proud too. My hubby was beaming when they left and said You do a great job making our house a home!! I know I tease you about you going overboard in decorating the house for each holiday, but I love that you take pride in our home and make it a wonderful place to be!! Ok, then I teared up but we were here by ourselves! LOl,

Now to the furbabies!!! Oh my, they had them a time last night!1 I was very proud of them. The barked greetings but that was it! They were very gracious and happily accepted petting from everybody and would follow them to the end of the sidewalk. Heck Cocoa tried to follow the neighbors home. She was loving all the extra petting she was getting. Our next door neighbor had a treat bag for them so they got to go Trick or Treating and were very excited to get their treat from her. Of course the Great Pumpkin had dropped by earlier in the day and dropped off the treat bags from him. They got to Halloween toys each and 4 doggie cookies in their treat bags from the Great Pumpkin. Sarge was soo cute with his. He picked it up in his mouth and headed to his favorite spot in the house, on top of the antique trunk that sits in front of the window. I keep a dog bed and blankets on top of it for them. He worked and worked till he got his bag open. He ate one cookie and the bag fell so each time he would jump down, get a cookie, and jump back up to the trunk to eat it!! So funny to watch him. The girls had to have help getting their bags open. They are the cookies first and were not at all excited about the new toys but they will play with I am sure.
I hope you all had a great time. I can't wait to see your pictures.

I would love to do a Christmas ATC swap, ornament swap, tag swap, with anyone that is interested. I love to make things and do swaps. It is fun to collect those little pieces of art. Just comment or send me an email at if you are interested in swapping with me.

"BOO" Banner I made for my neighbor's kitchen

"BOO" Banner for my kitchen

Halloween ATCs

Table ready for Halloween Night


Cocoa Puff


Bella Boo

Treats from Vivian

Treats for the furbabies

Treats from Kim