Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Halloween recap at the Wienee Ranch"

Hello friends,
I hope you all had a joyous Halloween!! The wienee ranch was all aglow last night with Halloween Happenings!! For the first time in 29 years we had a double digit number of trick or treaters!! The highlight of the evening for me was my neighbors from a few houses up stopping by and wanting to see my house!!! Duane and I both took them on the tour. They were saying the nicest things and it made me feel good. It was the first time that they have ever been in my house. The icing on the cake happened at 20 minutes later when my neighbor's sister and daughter arrived wanting to see the cute house that her brother had been talking non stop about and to see the cute puppies!!! Oh girls, Can you imagine how I felt!! I almost teared up but kept it in check!! Oh, it made me soo happy and proud too. My hubby was beaming when they left and said You do a great job making our house a home!! I know I tease you about you going overboard in decorating the house for each holiday, but I love that you take pride in our home and make it a wonderful place to be!! Ok, then I teared up but we were here by ourselves! LOl,

Now to the furbabies!!! Oh my, they had them a time last night!1 I was very proud of them. The barked greetings but that was it! They were very gracious and happily accepted petting from everybody and would follow them to the end of the sidewalk. Heck Cocoa tried to follow the neighbors home. She was loving all the extra petting she was getting. Our next door neighbor had a treat bag for them so they got to go Trick or Treating and were very excited to get their treat from her. Of course the Great Pumpkin had dropped by earlier in the day and dropped off the treat bags from him. They got to Halloween toys each and 4 doggie cookies in their treat bags from the Great Pumpkin. Sarge was soo cute with his. He picked it up in his mouth and headed to his favorite spot in the house, on top of the antique trunk that sits in front of the window. I keep a dog bed and blankets on top of it for them. He worked and worked till he got his bag open. He ate one cookie and the bag fell so each time he would jump down, get a cookie, and jump back up to the trunk to eat it!! So funny to watch him. The girls had to have help getting their bags open. They are the cookies first and were not at all excited about the new toys but they will play with I am sure.
I hope you all had a great time. I can't wait to see your pictures.

I would love to do a Christmas ATC swap, ornament swap, tag swap, with anyone that is interested. I love to make things and do swaps. It is fun to collect those little pieces of art. Just comment or send me an email at pls0818@aol.com if you are interested in swapping with me.

"BOO" Banner I made for my neighbor's kitchen

"BOO" Banner for my kitchen

Halloween ATCs

Table ready for Halloween Night


Cocoa Puff


Bella Boo

Treats from Vivian

Treats for the furbabies

Treats from Kim


lilraggedyangie said...

lOve it all glad you were able to have a good time and the lil furbabies are all looking fabulous in their costumes! Have a great week! hugs lilraggedyangie

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow....looks like - and sounds like - you celebrated in style! It does warm your heart when others appreciate your home, doesn't it? Love your little furbabies a la costumes....Looks like they're accustomed to it!! (And for those wonderful treats, they should be!!) Thanks for sharing....Smiles & November Hugs ~ Robin

Nani said...

I can totally see how what hubby said about making your house a home would tear you up! How sweet! I heard my husband telling a coworker on the phone that I could make every day feel like a holiday with my baking skills. I was all teared up and he looked at me like, “What?” I’d never heard him say he thought it was that special.

BTW, your decorating IS fabulous!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, what darling creations AND...darling little Halloween puppies here in this Post. I'm so glad (all of you) had a happy Halloween. : )

Kim K. said...

Your banners are adorable. Your furbabies costumes are delightful. After weeks of planning our party, I'm feeling a bit sentimental that Halloween is all over.

Have a lovely week.

Sandy said...

LOL....Everything and everybody was ready for Halloween, no doubt! I love the looks on the pups faces......you are going to have to give some extra treats to get out of this one! :):) Your home looked so festive!!!! I don't do Halloween, no kids can come where I live to trick or treat....and it is getting too hard to decorate for two many seasons.....I do fall and Christmas and I am doing well to get those done. I wouldn't without my friend's help! Great Job!!!!!! Sandy