Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello everyone! I am in a big ole mess!! Well actually, honestly, it is not really me in a mess but my
much loved and very neglected craft room!!! Don't judge to harshly OK?? I had the best of intentions to get in there and get it all whipped into shape! I found the perfect vintage items I had been searching for. Hubby and I enjoyed the trips out junking and celebrated when I found my vintage
white enamel top kitchen table. I wanted one trimmed in red, but the one with black trim was in a small antique store in Lincolnton, NC that I couldn't pass it up. Then to be able to find and purchase a
set of vintage wooden file cabinet was a dream come true. Oh my gosh, wait till you see the pictures of it!!!  At the same estate auction we bidded on and won an old trunk with the top divider section still intact and in pretty good shape. My problem now is how to pair down the remaining furniture in the room and where to put everything so it looks super nice like the pictures of your craft spaces.

I could use tips or advice on how to store the many vintage greeting cards, the vintage valentines, the
vintage cake decorations, and all sorts of embellishments.

We also purchased this old shelf type thing from the above mentioned estate auction. It would be perfect to display my collection of paper flowers and other flowers from Prima. Don't you just love
Prima's products?? But I can't figure out where to put it that it would still be close to my crafting desk. Right now my table sits in front of the wall that is a built in shelves that my hubby designed the
layout and then built the shelves.Those shelves hold my scrapbook albums, lots of those white craft organizers that have either 3 or 4 drawers. Then to the left of my table along that wall is another set of 3 tall and 4 white of white craft room storage. I have several of the paper holder ones and they contain my scrapbooking paper and cardstock. My paper is organized by color of all of my Close to my Heart paper packets, the rest of my scrapbook paper is oragnized by brand name such as Daisy D's, Rusty Pickle, DCWV,Bo Bunny, and if it is not one of these brands, the paper is organized by theme such a patriotic, military, pets, holidays. I think the paper is good to go as the systme I have works for me. I know where each color, theme, or brand of paper is and I just go to that shelf and pull it out to I find the one I want to use. I could use help on how to organize and store the vintage greeting cards and how you store and organize the vintage valentines.

I have a huge collection of wooden and clear stamps. Right now the wooden stamps are stored in one of those tall drawer plastic containers made by Rubbermade. The stamps are organized by themes or holidays. My clear stamp sets from Close to my Heart are in 4 of the clear stamp organziers that they sale. I keep my other clear stamps sets in a scrapbooking tote thingie that you would carry to crops. It has a big section in the middle with pockets all around the outside to hold pens, scissors, glue pens, really anything you can stuff in it! I have a lot of stuff stored in mine LOL!

You can look back in my old posts and find pictures of my craft room.

Thanks for all the help and thanks for everyone that remembers to say a pray for me!
Big hugs,

ps to all of my friendship banners swapers! I am almost finished with the bad babies! I think they are looking pretty good! I should mail by Sat or Mon! I have received several in the mail so far but want to wait till they all get here to take pics of them.