Sunday, July 20, 2014

I am so ashamed, so sorry, and a huge Thank you!

Wow, how is that for the title for a post???

As you have read, I have not felt the best since July 5th!!! I honestly can say I have not felt this bad in years. Yes, I have to deal with pain on a daily basis but this is different! My insides hurt, my hair hurts, my eyes, my head, everything. I have had to ask my husband to help me wash my hair and help with my bath on several occasions. I am light-headed and since I have already been falling more and more lately this isn't helping that issue!! Anyways, a blog friend of mine, Amy from Bumble Bee Lane hosts several swaps each year and she graciously allows me to join in on the fun. For the Summer swap my pal was Allison from Sew Many Girls. Dana had to pack my box up and mail it off for me. I just didn't feel good, Thank God, I had done the shopping part!!! I love Etsy and Ebay for finding items for my primitive loving blog pals. Anyways, my box arrived and it got set aside for some reason and not left out for me to see the box. Our mail isn't always the speedest so I didn't really notice and with not feeling well, I had kinda forgotten that I should be looking for mail.

Well, I finally got the box and Dana opened it for me!!! Wow,
Allison spoiled me!!! I love everthing!! A Cute little wicker Americana basket, some red, white, and blue pip berries, some cute star candles, a cute wooden bowl with cute little tuck ins. I will take pictures soon and post.
Thank you so much Amy for hosting and Allison for being a great pal. Sorry I was so late with a post and a huge Thank you!!!

I have 4 doctor appointments this week!! Hopefully they can tell me why I am feeling so bad. Dana thinks it is because I have stopped eating sugar and sugar drinks. I drink mostly water and will have a diet dr pepper maybe once a week. Oh and the crystal light lemonade. I have not had a fever blister since 2009, woke up Tuesday morning with my mouth and lips tingling and burning. By the time night time got here I had like 5 blisters on my mouth and then got a couple on the inside. The doctor called me in some pills to take plus ointment to go on them. It is like my body is rebelling on me!! I am saying hold up, this is not my ideal but I do not want to have diabetes so we are not doing sugar right now!!!Then the week before a migraine headache, hadn't had one of those in 15 years!!! so something is triggering all of this mess. I hope she can get to the bottom of it, if it is detoxing from sugar, how long does it take to get out of your system??? I also fell twice in the past two weeks, so now my knee is stiff and I am walking funny again. I hate to limp. I just want to walk and move normal again. Please keep me in your prayers. I know that I am lucky, as bad as I feel, I still wake up each day, I still can get around even if it isn't as fast or normal as I would like, but I just want to feel better, I want to enjoy things again. Not , say no, I better stay home, I will just slow everyone down if I go. I am going to get there if there is a way for me too. I will not give up!!!! I am still high power pain meds free!!! I am taking my muscle relaxer and they gave me a 1mg anxiety med to help with all these feelings, stress, and worries that all the new tests and results have brought about. So, I am proud of that fact and my back surgeon, the pain clinic dr, and the ortho doctor I am seeing about my knee are all happy that and surprised to learn that I was/am no longer taking all the meds that the other pain clinic doctor had me. That Doctor was fired from the practice last winter!!! He is the doctor that lied about the nerve block stimulator and the results that I had from the trial. The pain clinic doctor I saw last month said I should sue him!! I about fell off the table. They were partners. He apologized for the treatment I received and apologized for the complications I had to endure from a surgery that I had should have never had. Interesting!!! Ok, enough whining for one night as hubby would say do you want some cheese to go with that whine!!! I will survive ladies!!!!

Ok, I am going to do something that I have never done on my blog. I am going to have a Christmas in July giveaway. I hope to get the items gathered and photo later today or Monday. The drawing will be at 7pm Eastern time on 7/28/2014. So watch for the next post later today or Monday!!!

Enjoy your Sunday! Sarge is 8 years old today!! We will be having his party this evening. He is so excited!!! He knows something is up LOL He is a smart boy!!! I will take pictures so you can see the birthday boy enjoying his party!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Anyone interested in a "You've been Booed" Swap?

I know it is only the middle of July but I must admit my mind in thinking of fall and Halloween!!!I have read about and heard about "You've been Booed" for several years but since I have no close neighbors I have never been able to do this. I was thinking why can't you do it with your group of online blog friends!!!!
The way this works is you treat your secret pal to Halloween treats on a daily or at least several times a week. To make this more pocket book friendly , we could send one or two packages and at the beginning of October with the individual gifts in one or two boxes. You don't have to spend a fortune on each day's treat, it could be a items from the dollar stores, a cute Halloween pen, pin, cup, just cute fun things to decorate with or treats to eat for the Halloween holiday. Handmade items are always welcomed!!! If you are interested leave a comment below. If we have enough ladies to sign up , I will match people and get names and addresses out by the Sept.1, 2014 so you have enough time to shop and get your packages ready to mail and arrive by October 1, 2014! Please pass this post on to anyone you think would love to do a Halloween swap.
Have a blessed week!

Yard Sale

I am getting organized and prepared for a yard sale next weekend! I am letting go of so much stuff that I just thought I had to have!! LOL I would see something on someone's blog and OMG I NEED THAT and the hunt was on to find one!! Well, my craft room, two closets, too many bins to really confess to, and that is just plain dumb!!! If I am not displaying it now, or it won't be displayed during a holiday then it is going. I have an album on face book here

It has a bunch of pictures of stuff that will be sold hopefully. I still need to get the vintage Christmas cards, vintage Valentine cards, Vintage Birthday, Vintage Anniversary, Vintage baby shower and wedding shower cards photographed. I have my cards stored in those 12x12 paper stores from AC Moore and I have 3 that are very full!! I bet I have almost 200 or more vintage valentines. The anniversary cards are a man and wife's collection of anniversary cards to each other thorough the years and from friends and family. I feel guilty when I get them out and read them sometime, is that crazy of me? I bought them either online or at an antique store so I was not a family member that didn't keep them. oh well, back to the good stuff. I have one of those plastic containers full of cupcake picks, those vintage birthday candle holders, vintage cake decorations, those ballerina cup cake toppers, and those clown heads for cupcakes. That box is saying please someone buy me and use me to make something pretty with!! LOL Also, all of my vintage children's book are going up for sale. If you are interested in the books let me know and I will get the list of titles and dates to you.
If you know anyone that likes or collects bells I have a whole plastic container full of those too.  I also have a lot of Vera Bradley pocket books, wallets, accessories. If anyone likes Vera Bradley and you want  to see what we have leave me a comment or email me a and I will send you the pics.

Now for some advice PLEAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On selling vintage greeting cards and vintage Valentine cards, which is the best way to sell them? Single cards, 1/2 dozen. dozen. or how? I don't want to cheat anyone but I want to get back at least what I paid for them you know what I mean?

The 12z12 box that is full of a variety of different cupcake toppers, cake decorations, birthday candle holders, and stuff like that, should I sell it all at one time or should I make baggies of the same items together and sell them that way? Quick Question????? I bought a mixed lot of stuff off of ebay a few years back and it had a bunch of silver and gold toned wishbones!!! I had never seen wishbones like these and was wondering if anyone else had seen  them before and if so what did they use them for? I am guessing as table decorations or something like that. There is a bunch of vintage baby shower cake decorations in that box of stuff.

I have also decided to part with my vintage doll playpen, vintage baby scales, vintage tins, vintage canister sets, vintage dishes, vintage toy dishes, vintage crochet pot holders, and maybe even the kitchen sink. LOL If you are interested in something please let me know and I will take pics and sent them to you to look at. I know if one ob my blog friends buy it, it will have a good home.
Well, it is 3 am and I am finally getting sleepy. Last week and especially this past weekend really kicked my rear end!! I told my hubby if I knew that going to find out what was wrong with my right leg and why my left knee hurt so bad was going to lead to finding out all of the other things that are wrong with me, I would have just stayed home. I had not had a migraine for over 18 years and I think it started on the 5th of July and lasted till the 11th!!! I was miserable and then when I think ok no more headache, I get sick on my stomach so I either picked up a stomach bug somewhere or my daughter says it is my body detoxing from not eating sugar since the 26 of June. I have lost 16 lbs so far but still have a bunch to lose! I put back on all I lost last year and then some!!!! Hubby eats his sweets in front of me and I tell him that it is just plain hurtful when he does that LOL But, really it isn't I am proud that I have had the will power not to eat them but Dana says I can have some sugars and sweets, she is trying to find me a class at the hospital she works at that teaches those types of classes. I do not want to have diabetes so I can give sweets up for that.

okay, asking for prayers for my health, My Daughter,  a sweet young lady that is having a hard time right now, My Mother, My Mother in law, our country, my online blogging pal Angie in Ohio, and that we sell everything at our yard sale next weekend. Also, if you have ever seen something in the photos on my blog of my craft room, kitchen, well any photo that you thought wow, I wish I had one of them, just ask me, it might just be one of those items that I am no longer using or displaying!

Good Night!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Medical update~

Thank you all for the sweet comments and the prayers!
Well, after two weeks of almost daily doctor appts and tests, I know some things and still more testing on other things.

Nothing wrong with the boobies!!! Thank you Lord!! I went to that appointment dreading the outcome but after x rays and ultra sound they said see you next year!!!

The thyroid-been referred to a specialist!
The nodules have increased in number and size. So nothing to report on that yet.

Found out that my blood sugar is a little high, So, no more sweets for me. I have lost 16 lbs in the past few weeks. I was addicted to sugar and sweets. I have cut out all sugar products and my body doesn't like it. LOL I have had the worst week of my life in a long time. I had a migrane that lasted for a week and the ended the week with a stomach bug. My daughter says my body is detoxing from the sugar and reseting itself. Well, it needs to hurry up because I don't like this feeling.

More tests are needed to find out why I am falling and why my right leg is so weak but I have faith I will find out. I did inform my surgeon that there would be no more surgeries unless he could say that I would have a better quality of life if not, it just isn't worth it. I always have complications during surgery and they haven't helped so far so why put my body thorough all of that. He just smiled at me. I said I am serious. I also told him no more high power pain meds. Just muscle relaxers and something to help with the leg pain at night. I told him I would not go back to living like that again. It was not living.

So keep me in your prayers. I have about 5 appointments next week so hopefully the tests will show something and something can be done. Hubby is trying to figure out where to put the washer and dryer upstairs so I don't have to do the stairs anymore.

The fur babies are doing great. I love them and they keep me entertained. Cocoa is my shadow and if I get up in the night she is up with me. 

It has been hot around here. Enjoy your summer!