Monday, July 14, 2014

Medical update~

Thank you all for the sweet comments and the prayers!
Well, after two weeks of almost daily doctor appts and tests, I know some things and still more testing on other things.

Nothing wrong with the boobies!!! Thank you Lord!! I went to that appointment dreading the outcome but after x rays and ultra sound they said see you next year!!!

The thyroid-been referred to a specialist!
The nodules have increased in number and size. So nothing to report on that yet.

Found out that my blood sugar is a little high, So, no more sweets for me. I have lost 16 lbs in the past few weeks. I was addicted to sugar and sweets. I have cut out all sugar products and my body doesn't like it. LOL I have had the worst week of my life in a long time. I had a migrane that lasted for a week and the ended the week with a stomach bug. My daughter says my body is detoxing from the sugar and reseting itself. Well, it needs to hurry up because I don't like this feeling.

More tests are needed to find out why I am falling and why my right leg is so weak but I have faith I will find out. I did inform my surgeon that there would be no more surgeries unless he could say that I would have a better quality of life if not, it just isn't worth it. I always have complications during surgery and they haven't helped so far so why put my body thorough all of that. He just smiled at me. I said I am serious. I also told him no more high power pain meds. Just muscle relaxers and something to help with the leg pain at night. I told him I would not go back to living like that again. It was not living.

So keep me in your prayers. I have about 5 appointments next week so hopefully the tests will show something and something can be done. Hubby is trying to figure out where to put the washer and dryer upstairs so I don't have to do the stairs anymore.

The fur babies are doing great. I love them and they keep me entertained. Cocoa is my shadow and if I get up in the night she is up with me. 

It has been hot around here. Enjoy your summer!


Debby said...

Goodness. Hope they can figure it out doesn't n. The tests and the waiting is so hard.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm sure the waiting and test results are very difficult. Best wishes with the new change in your diet too. Thinking of you!!