Sunday, October 30, 2011

" A Little Help Please"

Hello friends,

I find myself in the need of HELP!! I have been trying to print off some blog posts on different blogs that are sharing how tos, the problem is when I try to print that entry, my computer and printer are wanting to print all of the comments and other details on the person's blog!!! Each one I tried to print were 14-28 pages long!!! Does anyone know how I can print just the blog post and pictures that were included in that post? If you do, can you please email me at

Also, I have been making out lists! Lists of items needed to create Christmas crafts, Christmas gifts, and Christmas baking! I have made lists of items that I do not have in my craftroom to make the items on the Christmas Craft List. I made hubby a list of items that I want for Christmas from our local antique mall,(took him there today and walked around and showed him what I wanted) and items from my favorite Etsy shops for Christmas. I made a list of things that I wanted to bake for Christmas and a shopping list of items needed to be added to the pantry before I can start baking.I made a gift giving list. I started with the name of the person and then jotted down some items that I knew they would like. I wanted to ask you girls what do you do for gifts for friends that are not a lot of money? I would love to make handmade gifts this year myself or buy handmade items as gifts. I have talked to my husband about that and he has agreed. We have also talked about cutting down on the amount of money that we spend on each person this year. We are doing ok with the money issues but why spend all of that money at Christmas, how do you know when you have enough presents for one person? Our children are 28 and 25 years old and in the past few years we have spent for them at Christmas like we did when they were young. A room full of presents for 5 people and all the furbabies! It is just too much and I am a stocking stuffer person. In our family, everyone loves their Christmas stockings and we all (meaning my MOm, my daughter, and me) buy stocking stuffers. By the time the stockings are finished being stuffed their is a big gift bag sitting under each stocking with a big Christmas tag on the front of the bag with each person's name on it!! Most Christmas mornings the gift bags are 1/2 to 3/4 the way full!!! It is just all way too much, so we have decided to cut back this year! And oh, by the way, each furbaby in the family including my four doxies, My Mom's cat furbaby, my daughter's two dog furbabies and three cat furbabies, and my son's dog furbaby each have a gift bag from my Mom, my daughter, and my hubbie and I!! Did I mention that the furbabies are just a wee pit spoiled??? So, I would love to hear your family's traditions on gift giving, stockings, and how to decided how many presents or dollar limit per child, other family members such as Parents, Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and friends.

Also, I am cleaning out my craftroom this next week starting on Monday. I have way too many supplies. I have a ton of paper that I have bought and never used. I was looking at my stash and trying to find the right paper for a project and I looked at some papers and said to myself why did you buy that paper? I have a lot of Webster's Pages, Rusty Pickle, Fancy Pants, and Close to my heart paper that I am going to be selling on ebay. Would anyone like for me to share the pictures of the stuff I am going to try to sell on ebay before I post them on ebay? I also have a new in the box Making Memories Slice Diecutting Machine.I bought it off of an infromerical in November of 09 while I was in the hospital. Apparently I was up late one night or early one morning and bought it from my hospital bed!!! I remember my son bringing the box into my room in the middle of December and me telling him just to sit it in the corner of my craftroom. I thought it was the kit of the month that I belonged to at that time. So, I never visited my craftroom for any length of time until late Feb or March of 2010. I was hunting for some supplies to work on some cupcake projects for a swap and I found this box sitting in the floor between my wooden stamp tower and my dresser. I opened it and was shocked when I found the Slice Machine!!! I called the 1-800- number and asked for customer service and read the info off of the packing slip!! I tried to explain to them that I did not remember ordering this machine and yes I seen that it had been completely paid for and yes I know it says I purchased it in Nov and it was successfully delivered to the address on the invoice in Dec. of 09. I was not arguing those details. I just wanted to return it for a refund since I am a Cricut owner and did not need a Slice Machine!! They said I should have returned it in January!!! I said I did not know that I had bought it in january. I just found the flippin box a hour ago and called them as soon as I could pick my mouth up off of the floor from seeing how much I paid for the machine that I did not need or want!!! Any whoo, they would not take it back!! So, it has been residing in my craftroom since then!! It comes with a few more features than the one in the store has. It comes with the embossing and coloring attachments. It also has a pattern disc and a font disc. It comes with a paper pack from Making Memories. I am asking 125.00 for it or I will gladly trade it for primitive crafts, vintage inspired crafts, vintage items or make an offer on something you would like to trade for it. I paid 214.99 for it so I am not making a profit on saleing it at 125.00 or trading for product totally 125.00. I also have Close to my Heart and Stampin Up stamp sets for sale. They are new and never used also. I also have 12 x 12 scrapbook albums from Close to my Heart for sale. They are mint in the box also. I also have some Tear Bears by an artist known as Paper Piecings by Olivia. She used to sell on ebay and I bought a lot of her tear bears. I paid a lot for the ones that I was able to win. Her tear bear paper piecings are adoreable and she had a huge fan following on ebay and her tear bears went for big money!! I saw her Disney inspired tear bears go for hunderds of dollars for a 3x7 or a little bigger or a little smaller tear bear that was made to resemble tinker bell, My little mermaid, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Bell, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, well you get the ideal. Ebay made her stop making the Disney bears and she would make holiday theme ones, little girl or little boy ones, patriotic ones. cupcake ones,(I bought a lot of those last two sections). I have some on ebay now just search for Tear Bears by Paper Piecing by Olivia. I have them started at 29.99 and that is half of the amount that I paid for them. I bought them and never used them. I did frame my Halloween theme cupcake bear! She looks super cute!! I am keeping my Christmas cupcake tear bear and my Patriotic theme bears and an Army bear and a Wedding Bears but the rest I am selling so just let me know if you would like to look at them.
I have some fun pictures to post on Monday!! It is a Halloweenie around my house. The furbabies are getting excited!! It is almost time for the Great Pumpkin to visit.
Hugs to all!


Nani said...

I sent you an email with how I print my blogs using MS Word. I hope it can help!

My husband and I do just stockings for each other and ONE gift under the tree. Anything we give each other must fit in our stockings. I always had a stocking grown up and that was the best part of gift receiving. My Mom always did the stockings and as an adult she still did them all and I did hers. After she passed, Grandma and I shared the sticking filling responsibility. I love that Hubby and I still do them.

A friend of mine’s family does strictly stockings for Christmas, except for the newest member who is 2, he gets spoiled by everyone. They draw names at Thanksgiving and do one stocking for one person, but it’s considered the gift from the family because they’re all together to open them. I think they have a great plan, except that I’d be afraid of what happens when I find a perfect gift for someone who is NOT who I’m buying for that year!

The hardest part of limiting giving is your own heart and generosity get in the way! Good luck!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow - lots packed into this post Lynn...Sounds like you got your answer re printing, but if not, just email me - I just highlight the post I want to copy, right click, hit copy, then paste it to a new Word document and print from there....

As for Christmas - I agree with Nani - the hardest part in setting limits is your own heart. We've come a long way. We used to buy everybody presents (sisters/brothers/nieces/nephews, etc.) Got to be un-doable, plus everyone was in different financial situations. So, then, we tried exchanging names for the adults and still buying for children (once they were "confirmed" - usually around 16 - they joined the adult exchange). That worked fine for awhile, but then pretty much everyone said they didn't need more "stuff." So we stopped. (Especially when the nieces and nephews started having children of their own....) Now, a few of the great aunts (me included) buy something little (like a dvd, etc.) for the young great nieces/nephews, and everyone buys for my mom (Nana); but otherwise, we limit gifts to our own immediate family. We do our stockings every year too- but only what fits in and usually small stuff (lottery tickets, really good chocolate, socks, cologne, etc.) We still end up with 4-5 gifts under the tree each here - which is still too much.... Good luck with all your lists!!! Happy Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Shirley Hatfield said...

Could you share the info Nan sends you. I too have the same problem. You are great...your post cracked me up in a few places! =D