Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome to Hart's Square

My husband and I had a wonderful day today. We started out early this morning on our adventure. He took me to a local hair saloon to have my hair shampooed since I can't take a shower for a few days due to the nerve stimulator attached to my spine. Then to the local grocery for picnic supplies. Then to Hart's Square. We got there and waited in a long line to park. We parked and our adventures began. We stepped back into the 1800s. There were camps sat up in between the restored cabins, houses, school house, doctors office, jail, general store, blacksmith shop, tinnery, outhouses, woodsheds, summer kitchens, pottery kiln, wood work shop, broom making, candle making, wool spinning, a working grist mill,bought 6 pounds of cornmeal made from the grist mill) a working cotton gin,all different kinds of cabins and houses. People dressed in 1800s attire, the medicine show had come to down and were trying to sell their tonics, my favorite was the Dr. McFilthy's Crouch Powder, an actual product from the 1800s with many uses from curing indestigon, to bed bugs, to polishing your silver, and growing hair LOL.wool dyeing on the large cast iron pots over an open fire, cornbread from a beehive oven, broom making, school yard games, a spelling bee inside the school house with medals for 1st and 2nd place, a Civil War battle between the Confederate and Union Army , sorry Yankee neighbors, the South won the battle today, two sweet chapels to visit and to say a prayer in, wonderful fishing ponds, a bootleg moonshine still hidden in the growth out back of the grist mill. We had fun, wished we had taken money with us, Dr. Hart has published a wonderful coffee table book on his beloved Hart's Square. He is attending the opening house of the Hickory Museum of Art on November 5,2011 so we will go and purchase a book that day. The money goes to the Hart foundation to keep his beloved 1800's village going. I heard that two families wanted to talk to him about donating some structures to the village so maybe there will be new places to see next year. There were 2 or 3 new additions this year. I will post pictures later this week.

The day was fun but I am paying for it. I have been in pain since early this afternoon and we would sit and take breaks. The machine does not help with the pain that walking causes. I have even broke downed and shed tears. This drives the hubby crazy. He can't stand to see me cry. I am just too emotional during this time.
Have a good week!


Kim K. said...

Lynn - Sending ((virtual Halloween hugs)) your way. I got your special Halloween package in the mail yesterday morning while Josie was at gymnastics. Your lip balms arrived in the mail yesterday. The girls were thrilled. Many thanks!

Sandie said...

Hi! I finally got time to spend some time on your blog. It looks like we like a lot of the same things including our pets! I am so sorry about your pain. I had lower back surgery 19 years ago and I was in so much pain (while pregnant) that is was so hard to take. I hope the new stimulator works wonders for you! Will remember you in my prayers! Sandie