Wednesday, October 12, 2011

" A Little gift for you"

Hello friends,
How are you doing? We are having cool fall weather here in Conover! The annual Okotber Fest took place in Hickory, NC this past weekend. Hubby and I went for a little while on Saturday night. We had so much fun. The most fun was we found a new consignment shop that carries all kinds of stuff, vintage and new!! They were staying open late to take advantage of the festival goers. I was in heaven!! I found a black cast iron dachshund bank and a red enamel cup!! I was a happy little camper!! They also have a good selection of vintage aprons for 10.00 a piece! For those that collect them, is this a good price?? Any help will be appreciated.

Ok, for the freebie! I bought a bunch of the Halloween lip balms from Avon when my niece was selling it last year. I bought them to hand out at work, but we all know that I was not able to go back to work after my last back surgery. So, just leave me a comment that you would like one or two and then send me an email at and I will mail them to you. Just a little something something for my friends.
have a great week!


BumbleBeeLane said...

I love the carmel apple if you have one of those.I think you have my address but if you need it let me know.Hugs!~Amy

Lynn said...

I sure do Amy!!
Thanks for visiting. Please send some friends over to visit too.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Lynn,
I was looking at your photos of your home..lots of fun collections!
Did you and Laura do your swap?! I would love to see what you two did!
I find aprons around here for under 10.00 so I feel that is high. However, location, location, location is the name of pricing things.
Thanks for visiting me.