Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rednesday at the Wienee Ranch

Hope everyone is doing well on this lovely November Wednesday!! I am getting the itch to decorate for Christmas but I am trying to hold off. But I have decided to decorate my bedroom. I brought the little table top tree upstairs from the basement and had to take a pain pill and rest a bit. I am getting so tired of being in PAIN!!!!It is really getting on my nerves!! So, please say a prayer for me. I am not expecting to be pain free completely but a day every now and then without that constant burning stabbing pain in my lower back and right leg would be heaven. I try to keep going and keep doing things but it wears on me!!!! I hate to ask for help for anything and my husband bless his heart gets tired of hearing me complain about feeling bad. I guess he is just tired of hearing tales of not feeling well, when he visits his Mother that is all she talks about, her ailments and the ailments of her friends and then he comes on to me!!! And I am always in pain so I really try not to complain to him. Last Friday was so bad that when he came home from work I was in tears it was soo bad!! He said did you take your pain pills and I said of course they just aren't helping. My dr is increasing the strength again!!! I have two choices to be in pain or to take the meds and sleep the days away!!! So, I am miserable!! So sorry to whine, I know that I am blessed, I have a home, I have a good husband, I am surrounded by loving furbabies and good friends, I can walk, I can see, we have money to pay our bills and a little extra to get the things that we want but don't really need.

Please stop by the blog and congratulate her on having over 1000 followers. If you have never visited her blog plan to spend some time there and check out her files for each holiday listed on her sidebar. She creates the cutest little characters for each holiday. She makes the most amazing tags, banners, blocks, peg dolls, and snowmen that you have ever seen.

Please stop by http://it' and see all the other cool reds out there in blog land.

I am thinking about hosting a Valentine swap like Elizabeth at Creative Breathing did last year. I know it is a 4 months away but I would love to host a swap and I love vintage style valentines and I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in
Swapping Valentines with me. I make a valentine for you and you make a Valentine for me. We can list on our sidebars how many Valentines we are willing to make and send and then if people want to swap with us they leave a comment or email us and we swap Valentines. We could even make a cute little mail box to put our Valentines in and then open them on Valentine's Day just like when we were little girls.
Let me know what you think.
Oh and if you love Christmas you must visit Debbie Dabble Holiday Blog. I am telling you this lady loves Christmas. She has 14 Christmas trees and her upstairs is already decorated for Christmas. She is into the Victorian Style of Decorating. I love to look at that style of decorating but it just doesn't fit with my home. Believe me, we tried it. Both my husband and I love antiques and love all the details that the Victorian style has. The wonderful gingerbread molding, the dental molding, the big rooms with lovely rugs, the fancy wallpaper, all of it but our house is more of a country cottage than a Victorian home. But, oh we dream, lol
Thanks for dropping by.
oh one more thing, I am going to have some scrap packs for sale in a few days. I am cleaning out my craft room and getting rid of stuff that I don't like anymore or is not really my style now. I have a bunch of Webster's pages and Graphic 45 products to
but together in kits. Let me know if you would be interested and I will photograph and send you pictures.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and a great weekend ahead!

These are 3 boxes of ornaments containing 150 Christmas ornaments!!! I paid 8.00 for it!!! Was that a deal or what?? I do not decorate with purple,clear, or pearl looking ornaments but I will gift them to someone or sell them on ebay. I may see if there is a craft I can do to spruce them up. So any hints or how tos will be appreciated.

Santa's that I picked up at a yard Sales on Saturday. The big fat round one is a paint guord. Any tips on how to fix his hair and beard? It is all messed up and raggedy looking. Help please LOL


Nani said...

I know exactly what you mean about the pain. It’s not easy not to complain, I mean you have to let it out every now and then. It’s not whining – it’s therapeutic venting!

Great Christmas finds! My niece is the only one who shares the "ready to talk Christmas" with me in our family. But we are definitely talking about a cookie party in December!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Great Christmas finds ! I am praying your pain goes away !

Shirley Hatfield said...

I never realized what you are going has to be extremely discouraging. You come across quite positive tho'. I will probably pass on the Valentine swap. My daughter is getting married on Feb. 11 and I am making all the as soon as Christmas is over, I will be going nutso! =D Cheer up, cute friend.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I think the big, fat Santa looks kinda cute all messed up and raggedy!


A day filled with scarlet, they say,
Can make the sad heart skip and play;
For where red abides,
A little bird hides
And sings every worry away.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Little Red Weed

LV said...

Sorry you are going through such a bad time. Trust whatever is causing your pain will soon be taken care of. You are great with words.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sorry to hear you're still suffering Lynn....I thought that nerve blocking thing they were working on for you was going to provide some much-needed relief....What happened with that?? Your valentine exchange sounds like good old-fashioned fun - unfortunately, I don't think I'm at a point where I could commit to something like that - I'll be luck indeed to have my Halloween stuff down by then. Just chasing my tail these days....Take care - and hope the pain subsides....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Kim K. said...

I'm sure I can find a special valentine for you. Praying for a pain-free Thursday and many more days ahead!

Diane Mars said...

You sure did find some wonderful Christmas Ornaments, the answer to your question, I think I will be having a few more for this Holiday Season, I will share them on my Blog before add them to my Shop that way you can have a heads up! Hugs, Diane

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Hi Lynn... oh I am soooo ready for Christmas. I'm sure my first tree will go up this weekend!!!! I do 6 trees! I'm ready. And did you see what I got yesterday? Stop by and check it out!

Carmen and the Primcats

Lori said...

Sorry for all you're going through - I'm sending positive wishes your way... I'd love to participate in Valentine swap!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I just saw that you mentioned my Christmas blog!! I have been so busy decorating that I have not had time to visit much!!
Thanks again!!
I am so sorry to read about your back problems and impending surgery. I am a Rehab nurse and care for many back surgery patients.
I also have severe scoliosis and now have some nerve involvement. Also I have arthritis up and down the entire spinal column. Plus I have a tentative diagnosis of Lupus.
My days of working are numbered but i am trying to hold on as long as I can.
I also wanted to say that you are in my prayers now and when you have your surgery.Being in pain is not a fun thing. I know by experience.
I also LOVE your tag tree!! So cute!! I may have more than 14 trees this year!!
It is a sickness, what can I say!!

Hugs ,