Monday, July 9, 2012

Pebbles' Birthday party

 This is our oldest furbaby, Pebbles! She is in her party dress waiting for the birthday party to get started!
Here is the party table and decorations. I made the happy birthday banner with DCWV pet stack 12x12 paper. The treat bags are filled with dog treats and a dog toy for each of the furbabies! Yes, we are those crazy dog people LOL
 This is our youngest furbaby, Cocoa Puff!! She is wearing a party dress too! all furbabies get dressed up to attend the birthday parties!
 This is our only little boy, Sarge!! He is wearing his cameo jacket for the party and trying to sneak and grab a goodie bag off the table when I wasn't looking! Haha Daddy caught him and snapped the picture!
 Here is our Bella Boo! She is so dainty and such a little diva on top of it! Her color is listed as an Isabella. She is a soft gray color. Sarge and her are a couple and Cocoa Puff is one of their puppies!
 Another picture of the birthday girl Pebbles in her party dress and matching birthday hat! The green thing beside her is a stuffed woodpecker from Kohl's. She loved that toy!! I buy the stuff animals at Kohl's when the hit the clearence for 2.50 each. I usually buy 4 of them so each furbaby has their own. I know, trust me, my furbabies are treated better than some children.  They give me unconditional love and compainionship. They do not care if I am not feeling good, don't have my makeup on and my hair done, they just want to be close to me and love on me and I love them so much! Can't imagine life without them!!!
Another shot of sweet Bella Boo in her party dress and birthday party hat!! We have a shop called Cozy Petza about 4 minutes from the house. She handmakes all of her dog clothes and sells them in specaility shops all over the country. We found some of her outfits in a pet store at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She loves to dress the furbabies and they have a ball when we take them to her store. She makes the cute birthday hats too. She is very talented and is such a sweet lady !

Just wanted to share a little of the reason why the title of my blog is Life on The Wienee Ranch!! These sweet furbabies are such a big part of our lives! They have brought lots of happiness and joy into our lives. Pebbles is 14 now , Bella just turned 6, Sarge will be 6 on July 20th, and Cocoa turns 5 on September 20th!

Have a wonderful week!


TheRustyThimble said...

How SWEET Lynn, love the birthday party.
Mine won't let me put a hat on them and they freeze with clothes on of any kind?

My sister has two wienee dogs maggie and Molly. they are sweet babies


Kim K. said...

I'm glad you have fun with your furbabies. I can't imagine putting clothing our cats, but I'm sure the girls would love to try.

Shirley Hatfield said...

The closest I get to dressing Daisy is putting a scarf around her neck...but Halloween is a comin'! Beware, Miss Daisy! What a cute post, dear Lynn! =D


Happy Birthday to Pebbles! She looks so cute as well as the others in their party outfits.
Fun time at your home!
Deb :)

Anonymous said...

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