Monday, January 7, 2013

Paying it Forward in 2013

Hello ,
I have decided to join in a project that is sweeping through blogland and on facebook too I hear.
I am joining Tammy at the Primitive Place blog on paying it forward.

I have been so  blessed since I began blogging a year or so ago to meet some of the most sweetest people in the world. I was amazed to find others that loved and collected the same things I do! Really, my online friends get me more than the friends and some of my family in the read world do!!! It always amazes me when I will have a member of my extended family tell me they have no ideal what to get me as a gift!! I tell my husband how can anyone that visits our home not have a clear ideal of what we love and collect?? Anyways back to paying it forward. I am copying and pasting from Tammy's blog so I don't mess it up!

2013 Creative Pay It Forward....
the first 5 people to comment on this post stating “they would like to Join In” will receive something from me sometime this year.
I don't know yet what it will be???
Maybe a handmade creation, or a prim candle, a vintage card, or a decorating book, ???
Just what ever comes to my mind or spirit.
I can promise that it will only be a type of item that I would want to receive myself.
There is one small rule and then one catch to this offer.
The one rule is…
This is open to USA and Canada bloggers only. Sorry but international shipping has gotten outrageous.
As for the “Catch”…
The first 5 people to request to be included must make the same offer on their blog and follow through with the giving.
*You must say you want to join in on the PIF in order for your comment to be counted.
Lets spread a little Love this year, my friends.
What do you say??
Wanna join in??

 I hope that you will join me in this!



ImagiMeri said...

Oh how cool Lynn, I hope this means you'll continue blogging. Thank you so much for your thoughts recently, it is going to be a tough couple of months, but I'm determined to get through them. I've been spending the past week getting ready for ARTzona, at the end of this month, and I'm hurting everywhere. I move much better now that I've lost weight, but the pain never leaves me alone. I've decided to embrace my pain and try to think of it as a friend that's letting me know I'm still alive, as apposed to all the years (30) that I've been hating it. I'll let you know if I'm successful with this thought change.

Hugs, N'Love,

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hello Lynn - What a wonderful thing to do. I participated in something similar quite a few years ago,and little did I know then that one of the items I created would be going to my future daughter-in-law! Now, we have a beautiful grandson! I'd love to take part.

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Hi Lynn
Thanks so much for joining in.
Please email me your shipping information when you get the time.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Lynn, Just popping in to say hello! I give so many things away because of this very philosophy you have chosen for yourself. My mother was this way, and I try, but fall so short so often to be like her.
Have a lovely weekend coming! Elizabeth

Perfectly Printed said...

Lynn, such a lovely idea!! So glad to see you posting!!

Happy New Year!