Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hello Friends

OMG!! I have had a fun time lately. I have spent hours surfing on the internet exploring all kinds of primitive blogs!!! I have found so many wonderful blogs out there!! I have contacted a few ladies and they have emailed me back. I joined my first primitive swap and my pal is Amy from Bumble Bee Lane. I am so excited to have a new prim friend. I met Linda at the Parker's Paradise and she shares my love of dachshunds. I have 4 and she has 9. So, she really has the Wienne Ranch lol. I met a wonderful lady at Backdoor Primitives and she sent me some of the handmade firecrackers. I love Americana and my house is decorated with that theme right now. I change out my bowl ornies with the seasons and I change the mantle decorations each season also. Right now, we are working on redoing our bathroom. I am waiting for hubby to put up new beadboard in the bathroom. Then I want to paint it antique white. I have been searching for barn star towel bars and barn stars hangers for the room. I also want him to build me a big shelf to go into the window opening since we no longer have a window in there. He closed that in years ago when he built a room addition onto our house. I love our country porch that he built me. It is wonderful. It is so big and there is a roof over it so we sit out there alot in the evenings. We eat meals out there and we sit and watch our furbabies play.

I am wanting to learn how to make pantry cakes and dip them in wax. If anyone has the instructions please let me know. I look forward to making lots of new prim friends.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I have a tutorial for that on my blog. I'm not sure of the date but I'll check and let you know.
FYI~if you have comment moderation, you don' really need word verification. It's kind of overkill.
I also have a post on making your blog more reader friendly. I'll send you that date as well.
I am glad to become your friend.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Lynn, Please add your email to your profile so I can respond immediately to your comments. I sent you an email with instructions. I would have liked to thank you personally for your prayers for the Constantinides family and mine....