Wednesday, July 27, 2011

great blog giveaway

Hello friends,
There is an awesome blog, Old lady Morgan!
She is doing an awesome giveaway. One of the requirements is to post what makes your heart skip a beat.
I have several, my husband and best friend. We have been together for over 32 years. We will celebrate our thirty year anniversary 10/15/2012!!! Seeing my son in his Army uniform makes my heart skip a beat! Seeing the kind of care and respect that my darling daughter Dana gives to her patients makes my heart skip a beat. Watching my fur babies play makes my heart skip a beat. Watching my great nephew, Tavien, hit a home run makes my heart skip a beat. Watching my great nephew, Jadison, squeal with delight that his Dusweezee came to see him(my husband's name is Duane but Jadison calls him Dusweezee) makes my heart skip a beat. Jadison will be three in December and he loves Duane like a grandpa which is a good thing as we do not have grand babies yet so we can spoil Jadison!! Hearing my Mom tell stories of her childhood growing up in the Western North Carolina mountains, story of her meeting my father and them falling in love makes my heart skip a beat. My father, Larry Ray Kirby died when I was 18 months old. He was killed in a horrible accident, he fell off the back of a pick up truck when he was helping his brother move.

finding the perfect old, vintage, item to add to my home makes my heart skip a beat. One of my favorite things to bring home are old teddy bears. I see them in antique stores, thrift stores, or junk stores and some times one will just speak to me and I just have to bring it home. I need another teddy bear like I need a hole in my head LOL but I bring them home anyways.

Please take a moment and look at the list to the right on my blog. I have some new unused scrapbook and stamping items that I am wanting to trade for primitive handmade items, vintage items, labels for jars, items that you may no longer want. The Slice die cut machine by Making Memories is brand new and never used. It retailed for over 200.00. It is not the one you can buy in the craft stores, it was a special model that was sold on an infomerical. I bought it while in the hospital during my 4Th back surgery. I had forgotten that I bought it until I found it about 4 months after I bought it and it was too late to send it back. I already had the Cricut die cut machine so I did not need this one LOL I bought it while on really good pain pump LOL I would love to trade it for some awesome items for my home and for it to go to someone that would use it. It comes with two cartridges with an alphabet and phrase, and one that has images on it.

Please email me or leave a comment if you would like to trade or swap.
hugs and have a great day,


cottageprims said...

Wonderful Blessings!~Amy

Zenifer Dsouza said...

Awesome blog on
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Good work.
Thanks for sharing....
Keep sharing more and more.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sounds like some wonderful blessings in your life Lynn....And I have my own weakness for old teddies...they do have a way of following you home, don't they?! Good luck in OLM's giveaway!! Happy Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Great things to make your heart skip the beats!!!!
Going to be gone a few days--taking my brother to more appointments and staying at my sisters.....
Will be glad when he gets moved back to his home town!

Samantha said...

You are my giveaway winner :)

PSSST. I LOVE your blog name :)