Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update on me and a Micheals Question

Nothing new to report from the drs appointments this past week. The appt. with the pain dr was canceled and moved to this week since I have not been able to use the stimulator. The appt with my surgeon, lets just say I should have stayed home. I saw the PA again and he said their was no decisions that he could make since the battery wasn't charging well. It picks up in one small spot only and it has to be pressed very hard against my body. I was finally able to get it charged to 3 bars today and that is holding it against my back for several hours!!!! Not a happy camper here!!! Also, the rep said it may not be picking up because of my FAT!!!!! Okay, I have not gained a pound since he met me in Oct!!! I was heavier that day than the day I had surgery. I actually lost 5 lbs between Oct-Dec because of my nerves!! I wonder why!!!! So, if that is the case and this thing isn't going to work!! I am considering a law suit!! Why put me through all the flippin pain and expenses if they thought I may have been too big??? Could it have to do with pay outs to the dr, the representive from the company??? Oh, I was livid and still get fired up when I think about what he said. My hubby asked me how I handled it and I said I started firing off facts like I had lost 5 pounds from the trial till surgery and if they thought I was too heavy why didn't they mention it before now, like before my back was cut open from the skin area to the spinal area so part of my spine could be cut away so the leads could be attached??? He said, how did he respond?? I said, he shut up and shut up fast!!! I am so upset, I can't stand myself. Pain level has not been tolerable today!!! I was up up until 2am back up at 7, back up at 9 and finally slept from 10:30 till 12:30 while sleeping with my hand holding the charger against my lower back. I told hubby I needed out of the house, could we please go by Micheals to pick up the lovely items I have seen on others blogs and to the Hickory Antique Mall? He said, sure anything to help you feel better after he teased me about burning my canned biscuits at 12:30am while watching the Smurf movie!!! I ripped into him and told him he was acting like his Mother letting me have it about the negatives in my life!!! Oh, that made him so mad!!!! O:(O:( not a happy life-we have a sign I got at my fav primitive store that went out of business 2 years ago, It says If Mama ain't HAPPY Ain't Nobody HAPPY

Micheals-My Micheals dollar spot is no longer a dollar spot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those cute goodies I have saw on everyone blogs are 1.50 in Hickory, NC!! Did the price go up in your stores or is it just here in NC??? Please let me know. I ended up not getting anything. Everything that the email told me was on sale was not marked on the shelf so I left and we went to the antique mall. It is a huge store!! It used to be a Sky City department store back in the 50s-80s! I have pictures of my real father(he was killed in an accident when I was 20 months old) working in the store! Any whoo, I found some little tart molds, 12 for 12.99, a small syrup dispenser for 6.95, a cute baby piggy bank for 3.50, and three sizes of tin biscuit cutters for 5.00. They charge .75 for paying with a debit or credit card so I wrote a check!! What the heck is up with charging to pay with a debit card or credit card??? We went to Fanstatic Finds and I found another bigger set of molds, 6 for 7.99, two tin muffin pans for a child's kitchen for 7.49, a Happy Apple for 9.99, and a set of vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy for 5.95!!!! Yep 5.95!! I thought the ticket had 9.95 on it so I don't know if the girl made a mistake or maybe they were on sale!They take each ticket off for the sellers so I don't have anything put the receipt and it is just prices. I like the stores that write out what the item is and how much it was. I hope to take pictures of my goodies soon. I need to upload more pictures to the computer so I can post all the amazing items I got in December from swaps, trades, and goodies I bought!

On other news. Those that follow my blog know that we have two homes about 5 minutes apart. My husband inherited the house when his oldest brother died unexpectly in 2004!! It was the worst day of our lives so far. My hubby and his brother, Corky, were extremely close!! They did remolding work every weekend for years. My bil had never married and the will couldn't be found(another story for another time) so my MIL inherited everything. My bil owned 4 homes and 3 trailors. He rented the 3 houses and the 3 trailors, when they became vacant he would redo the entire house for the new tentants! He was an awesome man!!! He was a simple man who liked simple things. He also loved to go antiquing with us!!I miss him so much but I can't live in his house!!!! Am I crazy?? It is a ranch style home. It was built in the 60s. So now that my daughter has moved out of it we are going to redo it to and furnish it and decorate it in a 60s decor!!
So girls, I need your help!! Please feel free to send me ideals, pictures, anything that you know about the 60s style of decorating and what dishes I have to choose from, what colors were popular, are there books that you know about that I can get ideals from. My hubby thinks the house was built in the mid-60s right around the time we were born!! Me in 65 and him in 64!! It has three bedrooms, one bath with the original cast iron tub still in the home, wood floors in all the bedrooms and the formal living room. The kitchen and dining room are a lot bigger than at my house!!! I love to cook and have family gatherings there!! My bil enclosed the original carports and made that a huge den. My hubby installed a laundry room for my daughter in that part of the house and we need to finish that and I can't wait to decorate it with vintage wash boards and miniature clothes like I have seen on lots of blogs!! Then there is a two car garage! Also, there is four outbuildings on the property! One part of one building houses the pool table that was given to my hubby years ago but we didn't have room for it so my bil built a building for it!!Gosh, I miss him!!! He was such a keeper and he was hurt very badly by a girl when he was young!They were engaged and she broke it off for another guy! He never got over it!! He never dated that we know about, but he was a long haul truck driver for 29 years so we always imagined that there were girlfriends somewhere!! Oh, I tried to fix him up and it would last for a month or so and that was that!! But, lordy he could dance!! He loved oldies music and could shag like nobody's business!!! We would clear the furniture and him and my friend Judy would shag the night away!!! Oh, I miss him, did I mention that!!!!He drank Canadain Mist and sundrop so we keep Canadian mist in the freezer and the sundrop in the fridge in the kitchen there!! We keep it there!!!!We used to stay at that house on the weekends. We fixed it up and refurnished it in 2006. I had some online friends coming for a visit. That year, we hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas for hubby's family there and we would stay there on the weekends and when hubby was off work.
The back bedroom is pretty much the way my bil left it! I have always called it the Saloon bedroom. He loved westren movies. That bedroom has the red and gold velvet wallpaper like you see on Gunsmoke in some of the scenes. He had a big full size brass bed, a vintage dresser, a mini organ, and a bedside table. He had black and white prints of John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Gene Audry, hanging in there. My daughter's cats have scratched the wallpaper in several places but hubby says there is another roll or so there so he can fix it. There is a white iron bed in there now. We had to replace the dresser he had with a newer one than the one that was in there, it is still vintage just not that vintage!! So, we are going to keep that the cowboy room. I saw some cute cowboy things today but I will get them later. One bedroom I want to do as a child's bedroom and fill it with vintage toys. So, I am on the hunt for a vintage doll house, doll furniture for baby dolls, and I am going to get vintage boy toys too. I have a vintage hobby horse that my fil bought for my son. I just have to have hubby put it back together.
Ok, I have rambled enough!!! Please, please send me your ideals, pictures, color suggestions, any books you know of!! Just help!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, if anyone is looking for the blue pryex bowls, the orange and yellow pyrex dishes. Hickory Antique Mall has a vendor that has shelf after shelf of them and the prices were pretty good too. 27.45 for the three blue pyrex bowls, and the orange and yellow pieces were all between 10-30 each. I did see three square pyrex bowls in red, yellow, and blue for 70.00 firm. Don't know if that is a good deal or not. I am on the hunt for a grease bowl by pyrex or fireking. I would even like the metal or tin one.
Thanks girls and please keep me in your prayers. I have drs appts on Thursday and Friday this week!! If this stimulator thing doesn't start working soon I do not know how I am going to make it!!!


Shirley Hatfield said...

Please hang in there, dear Lynn! I cannot even comprehend what you must be going through. I don't even know what I could say to give you any comfort. All I can do is say that I'm thinking of you and pray for you to find some relief. I will mail your post cards tomorrow...I misplaced the envelope this weekend, but it turned up under a pile of papers on my desk. {{{HUGS}}}

~~Carol~~ said...

Lynn, the dollar section at my Michaels is now the $1.50 section! I couldn't believe it!
My advice for finding 60s decor is to go to Flickr and typing Mid Century Modern in the search box. I've seen some really gorgeous rooms there.
I'm sorry to hear that dang darn stimulator isn't working for you. But I'm glad doing some antiquing made you feel better for awhile. I'm trying to find a new place to go. The antiquing is crummy here.
Praying for you to get some relief from the pain, Lynn!

Neabear said...

Wow! I do hope that you will get some relief from all that pain you are having. Good luck with the doctors appointments you have this week!

Sorry I can't help much on the 60's decor. Sounds like you will have a blast decorating your new space! I hope that helps keep your mind off the pain!

About Michael's, I have not been there since before Christmas, so I don't know if the one I go to changed their dollar aisle prices or not.


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Yes, I did notice that Michael's prices went up :( Maybe we should all email them!
Bummer about your back. Maybe you should consult another Dr!!
I would go on line to see about the decor of a 60's rambler home.
Thanks for your input about my craft room.
I hope your week goes well!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I am so sorry to hear they have used you as a guinea pig. Darned doctors anyway! Glad you have insurance. I suppose that is the one ray of sunshine in this mess. I continue to pray for your relief, Sweetie!
BTW~I find Michael's to be an overpriced store and don't shop there and since I grew up in the 60's, my ideas could be skewed.....

Kim K. said...

I guess I didn't notice that the prices went up $1.50 at my Michaels. Good thing I had my 20% off the entire order coupon. I have some of those special Michaels items that I showed on my blog coming in your Valentine swap. Pinky swear.

Best wishes with your upcoming doctors appts. I wish I could make things easier for you.

Sending "virtual" hugs your way!