Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My first Rednesday of the Year

Please visit Sue over at http://itsacherryworld.blogspot.com and join in Rednesday and show off all your red goodies!

Last summer as I was blog suffering I came across Old Glory Cottage blog. The name interested me because I am crazy about Americana and the Red,White,and Blue!! You can see previous posts for all of the pics in my patriotic craftroom! Any whoo back to Carol at the Old Glory Cottage! Her house is amazing as is all the goodies she collects. Well when I spend many days going back and reading all of her posts from when she started blogging. Ok, I just shared a secret so I guess it isn't a secret, when I find a blog and decide to become a follower, I go back and read all the archive posts! So, I am a blog geek!!! Now you know the rest of the story LOL! Carol's blog led me to Creative Breathing blog which led me to 521 Lake Street which led me to Its a Cherry World. I spent lots of hours reading all of the blogs plus the ones that were listed on their side bars. I loved the creative crafting of Elizabeth at Creative Breathing! She collects vintage children's valentines and displays them in the cutest way and stores them so nicely in red and yellow scrapbooks that she has filled with pages that have pockets in them. So cute and so organized. Well, I fell in love with those images of the vintage valentines and I started bidding on ebay for some. I have been lucky to win several auctions since the past summer. I have taken a few of my favorite ones and displayed them in these photo display thingies. I bought both of them at one of my favorite antique stores, Fanastic Finds in Newton, NC. If you are every in this area this is a must stop by store to visit!! They have 4 buildings of goodies to look at!!! We spend at least 1-2 hours every time we visit.

I am going to ask for some help. As you all know I share my life and my home with my four wonderful spoilt furbabies, Pebbles, Bella, Sarge, and Cocoa Puff. I also love dachshund collectibles. I am on the hunt for dachshund valentines. The one in the picture below is the only one I have so far. I did win an auction this past Saturday for a doxie valentine but it has not arrived yet, I will take a pic and post it! So ladies, if you see a doxie valentine please email me with the name and number of the store and maybe they will let me buy it over the phone and ship it to me. Big thanks and hugs for doing this!!! I never knew there were so many different designs of doxie valentines. There were two style so ebay auctions today but I was outbidded LOL I am on a budget and there is only so much I am willing to pay for 1 valentine depending on what it is. But, I will not buy it if it goes over 10.00 for 1 valentine! Not today, if I was still working and getting paid every two weeks it would be different, but I get paid monthly and it is less than one paycheck that I made working. But, I am thankful for that disability insurance!! It has been such a blessing and the smartest thing I ever did was to check that LTD insurance box when I was filling out my paper work when I started my job at Baptist Hopstial in Wiston Salem! Well, you guys have a wonderful day!


Cheryl said...

What super cute valentines you've got. You know... you should just find some valentines online and print them onto card stock and cut them out. Thats what I do and it works out perfectly :-) You can make them any size you want... add different text to them-- the sky is the limit :-)

papertrails leaver said...

Hi Lynn! Your valentines are so cute and love the way you are displaying them! I am reading your blog now and will send an email in just a bit. :-) Amy

Betsy said...

I love your collection and will keep my eyes out for dachsund valentines!

Sandie said...

Hey Lynn, of course I love your weinee valentines! I haven't found any but will keep an eye out for them! Finally caught up on your posts! Hugs from Alabama! And Zeke sure is enjoying his treats!

hensrule said...

Hi Lynn, hope you are well. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for weiner valentines! Plus, I need your mailing address please for our swap at Dotty Swap! Glad you are my partner! Have a good week-end.
Love, from me and Wilma