Monday, August 15, 2011

Awesome Give away

Please visit this wonderful blog and enter the giveaway to win the wonderful prim pumpkin with the super cute little mouse on top of the pumpkin. Oh my, I want to win this one soo bad. I would love to put it on my mantle to decorate for fall.

Please let her know that I sent you.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Looks awesome!

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Lynn, I hope this message makes it way to you. Pipe cleaner wienee dogs, absolutely I have! There is a tutorial for making dogs under Patterns, Valentine's Day. For your dog just make the body longer, the feet shorter. (giggling here!)
I will be making fall peg dolls, and I will post a tutorial. The heads come 4 to a package, the bases perhaps 24, the pegs, many, many! Don't know why they don't match! It is good to have lots of of pegs to make painting easier.
Oh gosh, good luck with reading my blog! There are over 850 posts - EAK! I wish I knew a way of making it easier to navigate.
Thanks for the questions! Elizabeth