Monday, September 12, 2011

Where I create

Hello everyone,
I am back I think LOL My back went out and I have been down and out!!! I had my MRI and then had the follow up apponintment the week after that. My surgeon told me that there is nothing else he could do. He said I have a ticked off NERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well that nerve has defintely been getting on my nerves. I spent my days in between bed rest and soaking in the bathtub with the water as hot as I could stand it. He made an appointment for me to go to the pain clinic to get shots for the pain. This became a pain because I had to have someone to take me, so I had to wait until I had someone to take me. Well, I finally got there. The pain clinic doctor came in and talked to me and I told him what the surgeon had said, so he left and went and talked to my surgeon, they are in the same practice just in different areas of the building. So, he came back and said that they agreed, I needed the nerve block device. Which was not new info, just this part was new, THEY DO NOT KNOW IF IT WILL WORK ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not ashamed to tell you that when I heard this news the tears started flowing. When I calmed down enough to talk, I asked WHY???? He said that the nerve damage was severe and with the problems that I am having, my right leg from the knee downs feels like someone is sticking pins in it up and down my leg. My foot feels like it is asleep most of the time which makes walking interesting, I know I am moving but I can't really feel it. So, he said that as soon as he gets the result from my pysch review that he is going to call my insurance and talk to them and tell them that I need to get this device and as soon as possible. When it gets approved(I am thinking postive thougths)Dr. Martin will make two small incisions on my back, the electrodes will be inserted into these holds and they will be placed around my L3 and L4 disks, the representive of the company will tweek the device until I feel some relief. They leave this in place for 4 days. I go back and if there has been inprovment on my pain level we will proceed and they will schelude my out patient surgery to be done by Dr. Maxey to put the device permantely in my spine. I will have to have surgery every 5 years to change the batteries. I have also been in a morphine induced sleep for the past week or so. Dr. Martin changed my medicines at my last appointment alone with giving me pain medicine shots in my arm. I take 1 of the time-release morphine every 12 hours. I also have perocet that I can take every 6 hours for break=thorough pain. These drugs make me very sleepy and they make me itch like crazy. I have scratched the blood out of my arms, back of my legs, chest, and face when I am asleep.So now when I take the pain meds, I take 2 benadryl at the same time and this seems to be helping. I try not to scratch my face instead I rub my face with the palms of my hands which as resulted in rubbing my face raw. I ran out of benadryl lastnight so my darling daughter brought some over for me. She took one look at my bright pink face and asked what was wrong. I said I am itching to death. She said I had rubbed the skin raw, I said I know, taking showers is interesting, because the areas I have scratch a lot burn when the water hits those areas.
So please forgive me for not visiting your blogs and leaving comments. If you have emailed me, I am sorry, I have not checked those either. Dana helped me straighten up my craft room and we took pictures after we got done. Warning lots of pictures. I love my scraproom. I have it decorated with my favorite things, red, white, and blue, patriotic theme items, the shelf at the top of the wall contains my growing collection of dachshunds, some albums that I have done,and pictures of my furbabies. I also have cupcake theme items that online friends have made for me, they usually decorate them in red, white, and blue. I also have some owl theme goodies that were gifts from online friends.

I hope you enjoy looking around my scraproom. Please leave a comment and fill me in on what all I have missed for the past few weeks. I have to take pictures of swap items that I have received and get those posted. Please say a prayer for me that the insurance will approve the nerve stimulator for my back.


Ellie's Country Accents said...

You looked so organized. Love the Rosie the Riveter poster. Hope you get the surgery. Feel better soon.

lilraggedyangie said...

Lynn, O Im so sorry you have to go through more of this garbage and pain Im praying for you , I hope you can get some relief and the surgery , and I so know how you feel ! I m having tons of complications and now cant get anything done as I have lost my health insurance ! Take care and stay in touch ! hugs lil raggedy angie

TheCrankyCrow said...

Holy cats!!! I think you have enough scrapping/stamping stuff to last you multiple lifetimes!! What a fun playroom though!! And everything is so organized and accessible...Hmmmm...could that be why I never bother to stamp anymore? ;o) Sorry to hear of you back issues and prognosis....with all those meds, I'm surprised you don't sleep round the clock....Praying that the insurance comes through for you and the procedure provides relief....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, I was so sorry to read of your great challenges!!! I will be happy to pray for you and your situation.
I left a little message for you over at Etsy (when you have time).
Take good care,

Mary Lou
P.S. Your studio looks like a little bit of heaven. : )

Creative Breathing said...

LYNN STOP! I am in supply heaven with this post! I have goosebumps! OMGosh! I have very very few supplies, and I see so many things here I would absolutely love. I think first on my list is the wonderful white shelf you have with all your paints and ribbon.
Oh, by the way! When I was on Etsy getting my pincushion, I saw the one you are getting and immediately knew it had to go to YOU! So happy it is! Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...


We are indeed kindred spirits. A big love of my life is my sweet mini doxie Rudi. He'll actually be on my blog tomorrow.

I am keeping you in prayer that you are healed.

Your craft space is amazing.

~~Carol~~ said...

Lynn, your scrap room is amazing! You're so lucky to have a room for yourself. I would love to have one, but I do all of my crafting on the kitchen or dining room table, and it's just a mess!
I'm so sorry about your back trouble. It reminds me of my friend. She had back pain and her one leg was numb all the time. She had surgery and it didn't help her leg. I hope you find some relief, someway somehow, and I'll say a prayer for you.
Have a good weekend,

vivian said...

hi Lynn, sorry to hear about your nerve problem. Im goign to send a prayer up for you. I hope they find a way to help you get relief soon. I imagine it must annoy and frustrate you tremendously!
YOur scrap room looks like a great place to spend lots of time!
keep us posted on your back.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Okay and oh boy!! What a bunch of fun stuff! This gives me a spring board to jump off of for your garland! I can't wait to get started on it. I'll send you an idea pic soon! ♥