Thursday, August 11, 2011

great blog giveaway

Hi friends,
I have been MIA this week. I have gotten a summer cold,a stomach flu, or something. I have missed out on getting anything done this week. This old girl has been one sick puppy. I went to the dr this morning and got some new medicine so hopefully I will feel better soon. I have appts next Mon and Tues to see what is going on with my back now, so please keep me in your prayers. Without going into a lot of details, I am asking for prayers for my son, Eric. Thank you so much because I know that my online friends will send up some prayers for Eric.
There is an awesome giveaway going on now for an amazing Halloween theme tree in the cutest little painted Halloween theme bucket. you can visit it here

Denise does an awesome job on her creations. So please enter and tell her that Lynn sent you. The giveaway ends on 9/1/11.

I have packages to mail and pictures to take of surprises that arrived in the mail. I will post those soon.
Linda from Parker's Paradise sent me an amazing surprise package. It arrived on Monday. I have not felt like doing anything this week so all my goodies are waiting to find the perfect spot to put them.

I also wanted to thank Michelle from Grannies Pantry for the lovely and amazing penny rug and the two candle mats that she sent me. We are doing a swap together and I have a box of patriotic themed goodies to send her. The box is all ready to go. Just waiting on this ole girl to feel like driving to the po to mail it. I am hoping to get that done this weekend. If not it will be postal by Monday for sure.

I found a blog with a tutioral on how to make salt dough ornies and cinnamon salt dough ornies so I am hoping to feel like doing that next weekend.

We live in Catawba County in North Carolina. We have the pleasure of having Hart's Square in our area. A local Dr. started the village years ago. He finds old cabins and houses, purchased them, dismantles them and then rebuild them on his property. Every October, they have a date that you can buy tickets and go spend the day. Oh, my girls, you would all be in heaven. It is a 200 acre 1840's village with two churches, a bridge, and a beautiful bridge. You can read about it here:

Last year I was on the phone for over 2 hours before I could purchase our tickets. We try to go every year. It is just so much fun and he has the houses and cabins filled with furnishings, dishes, clothes, and bedding from that time too. There is a jail, Dr.'s office, a jail, and all kinds of stuff. If you can come for the day, please do and let me know. I would love to meet some of my online friends.

ok, time to go lay down. Please remember me and my son in your prayers.


Tam said...

good luck with the salt dough ornies I have tried several recipes and they always crack.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Sending up a little prayer for you and Eric.Feel better sweetie!~Amy

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow - that sounds like a wonderful place to see...wish I could see it someday. Hope you feel better - and get some good new regarding your back. Prayers for you - and for Eric - whatever his needs - going up....Take good care Sweetie. Blessings & Hugs ~ Robin