Monday, December 16, 2013

Wow, Happy Mail Day

Today my mail lady had to make several trips from the car to my door!!

I received two wonderful packages from my Secret Santa in The Secret Santa Swap that Sue aka the Colorado Lady is hosting! Thank you so much Secret Santa! I love everything especially the cute dachshund ornament!! I will post pictures soon!!!

Allison from Sew Many Girls was my partner in Amy's Merry Christmas swap! I received my package from her today too! Oh my so many prim goodies! I can't wait to decorate my main Christmas tree now! We usually wait till the weekend before Christmas and sometimes even Christmas eve to decorate our main tree! She sent me lots of prim goodies!

I am busy baking, making homemade treats, crafts, and gifts for the holidays! My fur babies are so excited for Santa Paws to arrive this year!! We had them special Christmas outfits and Christmas jammies made by a local owned pet clothes store called Cozy Petz! OMG!!They are so flippin cute!! Bella has had her Christmas theme jammies on since Thursday afternoon and will not let me take them off of her! They are made out of the famous fleece dachshund theme blankets found at Walmart this year and trimmed in red fleece!! She is adorable in them!! She is so cold nature that she loves to wear clothes or she is really a DIVA and wants to be dressed at all times! Either way she loves her jammies. She has many pairs but these seem to be her favorites so far!

I promise to post pics soon.

Merry Christmas!


Shirley Hatfield said...

Hi, Lynn. I wanted to thank you for the lovely Christmas card you sent me. I had every intention of making cards for all my bloggy friends...that is until I got sick right after Thanksgiving. I am finally getting my mojo back, but it's leaving me little time for extras. I am always so happy to read your blog and want to wish you the merriest and most sacred of Christmases.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I hope you can share pictures soon. The outfits for your furbabies sound adorable. Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lynn, I guess it is o.k. now to reveal that I was your S.S. I enjoyed shopping for you. I think we usually buy for others things we like ourselves. I hope you did like it all,I know our taste is a little different,I have never gotten to the primitives much, but I did receive a primitive garland from my S.S. and I love it.I put it right on my tree! I look forward to getting to know you better.Merry Christmas!