Thursday, March 29, 2012

WOW!!! Thank you Courntey and Kim

Courtny and Kim where my pals in Kendra's and Amy's swaps!! I received a wonderful hand stitched towel, some sweet jam, a cute Chicken pot holder, and a sweet memo pad from Courtny! Thank you so much! My battery died so I can't upload my pics to the computer!
Kim took me as an extra partner in Amy's Some Bunny Loves you swap!! She spoilt me with an adoreable bunny on two round spools, some cute little flag pockets, ( see knew I adore and obessed with collecting American anything)a sweet blackened beeswax star, and the cutest prim Easter Egg with a prim rabbit stitched on it! I will post pics tomorrow!
Thank you girls for spoiling me and brightening my day!!!

I didn't sign up in time for the Sweet Liberty Swap, if anyone would like to do an Americana theme swap with me just let me know. I have discovered some lovely prims shops in my area the past few weekends. Hubby has insisted that I get out of the house so we have gone exploring the little antique booklet put out by antique, prim, and gift stores in the South East area. We have visited two new prim shops and one great antique store that we had not shopped at before. My fav so far in Nanbrook Farm in Linclonton, NC! She advertises in The Primitive Place magazine and the Simple Life magazine. I think that is the name. Any whoo she has a wonderful house and prim store. Her home was in Country Samplers magazine this year. I can remember if it was the jan issue or the home tour issue.
check her out if you are in the area.


Shirley Hatfield said...

Glad to see you've been out and about. I enjoyed your Hunger Games post. I loved the movie and just got through reading the books again. I'm even more intrigued knowing it was filmed in your neck of the woods.

ImagiMeri said...

I'm so glad you've gotten out sweetie. I know it can be hard, and every day presents a new challenge, but please hang in there. I hope you know you can unload to me anytime. I may be busy, but I'm never too busy to listen.

Big warm hugs,

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Sounds like your hubby's idea to get you out and about was worth it. Its always refeshing and fun to visit new Prim shops and go thrifting.. Hope you got to see lots of eye Candy..

Don't ya just hate when your battery goes dead in the camera.. happened to me last week as I was getting ready to take pics of my newly created gatherings.. Threw my plans to list them way off waiting on the charge..

Can't wait to see oll your pictures.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Can't wait to see pics! Glad you are getting out and enjoying things again.I can see the change in!~Amy