Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update on me and Pebbles' 12th birthday party pics

Hi everyone,
Happy Spring!!!! It has been so nice weather around my part of North Carolina the past few weeks. It is 73 degrees in my house at 10:43pm on
3/20/2012!!!! I have had the windows open and the ceiling fans going for the past few nights!

I have been out of it for the past few months! My pain dr increased the
dosage of my time released pain meds as well as the one that I take in between for the pain. So, if I don't take the meds, I am miserable, in tears, so bad that I can't stand myself!!! When I take my meds I sleep!!!
I feel like I am sleeping my life away! The nerve stimulator has not done
a thing for me! I am so frustrated and disappointed! I had pysched myself
up in the month prior to my surgery in Dec that this was going to work and
That by the end of Jan or Feb of 2012 I would be back to enjoying life and
able to do things again without having to take pain meds! Well, this has
not happened. I am not doing well physically, mentally, or emotionally right now! I have consulted an attorney because I feel like the rep from
the company and my dr lied to me to get me to go ahead and purchase this
expensive device and implant it in my body. When I had the trial one put
in the dr had a hard time getting the leads to go in, he worked so long on
getting the one lead in that he was running late, they had scheluded a hour
for this procedure and we were into the third hour when he finally got
the one lead in. So, with only one lead, I had no pain relief but it did
take away the pin pricking feeling in my lower right leg. The rep, the pain dr, and the surgeon all said that I would experience pain relief after
the permanent device was implanted because it has two leads and I would get
relieve from that. Well this has not happened. I have use the device all day and all night. Increasing the strength of the stimualtion as high as I
can stand it and still the pain is there. Also, since the surgery in Dec,
When I walk for long periods like going to the grocery store or Walmart,
my back has the stingy, burning pain, that radiates down my right leg which is where I have always hurt but now it is higher up in my back right
where the incision for this last surgery is! So, I am not a happy camper.
I also had some more negative news. My dr felt something in my neck and sent me for a ct scan of my thryoid. I have huge nodules that need to be
biospied to see if they are cancerous or not! The dr says there are many and some are quite large. So, I am waiting for my biospy! I hope to have it by the end of the month or middle of April. I wanted the surgeon that was my Mother's when she had breast cancer but he moved to Charlotte so they are trying to contact him to see who he would recommend to do it with my family history. My Mother is a breast cancer survivor and I have two aunts who passed away from breast cancer so I hate the mention of the C word! The dr assured me that even if it is cancer that thyroid cancer has
the highest survial rate. So I need prayers! I am so behind on everything!
I have not had the energy or the drive to do anything really! I did get my
boxes mailed out today for swaps that I am behind on so to Dorothy and Kim,
your boxes are on their way! I am so sorry that I am late! When I do go out
for drs appt I am so wiped out by the time I leave the office, I just want
to come home and sleep. I am not allowed to drive because of the amount of
pain meds that I am on so I have to have someone take me everywhere I want
to go.
My hubby has been a rock for me! He nevers fusses that I don't have supper
ready when he gets home, he eithers stops on the way home and picks something up from a resturant or the grocery store to grill out! I do manage to get the laundry done and keep the house clean. It zaps all of my energy and I can hardly walk the next day after doing the sweeping and mopping but I keep doing it. I am afraid that if I quit moving around, that I want be able to move again. I do not know what I would do without my furbabies! They are the sweetest things in the world and they all keep me company and following me everywhere I go in the house. If I go down stairs to do the laundry Sarge or Cocoa go with me. It is like they are watching over me! I do get on the computer when I can stay awake but that is not much. I saw where there were Easter swaps and a sweet liberty swap and I would have loved to have join but I don't think it is the best for me
right now. Even though I have the best intentions of getting my stuff done and mailed off, I am falling farther and farther behind these days and it isn't fair so until I get in better health no more swaps.
I wanted to share the pics from the little birthday party we managed to do
for Pebbles on Jan.30,2012. She was 12! I made the Happy Birthday banner last year and I hang it at every furbaby party! I usually make bone shaped cupcakes for them but didn't feel like it this year so hubby picked up those mini cupcakes from the grocery store. The furbabies love them and frosty paws has cups of doggie ice cream. So this year they had cake and ice cream as well as their favorite treat the Dingo Goof Balls. Hubby
picked up ballons from the dollar store as well as the cute little stuff monkeys. One for each of them. The birthday cake toy was purchased of off eebay last year. When you squeeze it is plays Happy Birthday. I use it for all furbabies birthday parties.

I have visited most of the blogs the past couple of days! I am so envious of all the wonderful Easter decor I am seeing and awesome Easter Crafting.
Lots of ideals and inspiration for me. I am so amazed at all of my prim blog friends homes! So prim perfect!!!

Thank you to all of you who remember me in your prayers! I really appreciate it!! I will keep you update with results when I have them!
Blog friends are the best and I am so blessed to know each of you! I really
appreciate all of you!
Have a wonderful week!
Big hugs,


lilraggedyangie said...

O Lynn so glad to see a post from you ..but so feel for you ...as I so see myself in your shoes in the future ..Sending big hugs and lots of prayers your way ! Love the doggie party ice cream and all ! Stay in touch ! hugs lil raggedy angie

Ellie's Country Accents said...

I hope and pray that your pain will recede soon. Your doggie Birthday Party was so cute. Your furbabies looked like they were enjoying themselves. I was glad to see your post ad will think positive thoughts.
Hugs, Ellie

Kim K. said...

I was worried that when you hadn't been blogging that the pain had been increasing. Please know that I'm thinking of you. I have a thyroid condition and I remember the worry of having my nodules biopsied for cancer. Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Lynn~ I was just thinking of you yesterday and was going to email.Glad to hear from you I was worried.I do keep you in prayer.Like I've said before if I was closer I would surely come and hang out and help you.Hubby is so good with you through all this.I agree if you stop completely you might lose more ability but please don't push to hard.Yes furbabies are so loyal and love us at our worst.Who wouldn't worship a momma who throws such a special party..smile..Big Hugs! Remember I'm here if you need me.Keeping you in prayer.~Amy

ImagiMeri said...

Dear Lynn,

You are in my prayers. Please check your email, as I have written to you.


ImagiMeri said...

Okay, I screwed up, I can't find your email. Could you please email me at meriw@cox.net so I may talk to you sweetie.


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Your in my thoughts and prayers Lynn!


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

I'll pray for you and your pain and test results, I would think you could have the results back before then...I'd want to know ASAP if I have cancer!
Cute birthday photos. Sweet Pea will be 2 on April 2nd.
Take care.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Nice to get an updated blog post from you, but wish it was better news. Positive thoughts and prayers your way...

Sandie said...

Lynn, I have been worried for you! Glad to see your post. I am sorry about your back issues. I have had that pain that you speak of before and know how miserable it is. I wish some relief can be found for you. I have also had Thyroid issues that did turn out to be cancer. So I am here for any advice you may need! The birthday party looked fabulous! I hid Zekes eyes so he couldn't see! He would have been so jealous! He has never had a party! Once again it was so good to catch up on you! ;) Sandie

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Whoa! There are a lot of wieners in this post! I just love it! I have ONE very naughty little doxie, and I think she's about all I can handle. Though I'm VERY tempted at times to get another! Haaa!
I just had to pop on over to see who else was participating in the Cartoon Tag Swap!
I hope all is well on your wienee ranch tonight! :)
Erica (and Noel, the wiener)