Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Swaps

Hi girls,
Got to make this short and sweet. I joined two Easter swaps. Viv's Whimpsy and Bumble Bee Lanes swaps. My partner for Viv's swap was Mona. She sent me the cutest little Rabbit and basket planter filed with chocolate. The chocolate went home with someone else. WE are dieting so I can have my knee surgeries later this year.

Amy from Bumble Bee Lane was my partner and she sent me a box of adorable prim goodies. A little doll,  a pineapple on a stick, candles tie with a small flag, and a red, white, and blue chenille ornament, two wax rabbits, a primitive style black angel doll to hang, some stars, and it all smelled soo good. My camera is MIA and this old girl has two knees that are being a pain in my you know what so I soon as I can find the camera I will get pictures posted or have my darling daughter take some with her phone when she comes over this weekend. Thanks again ladies for the goodies!

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Debby said...

Are you going to get both knees done. I have had friends that have done both at the same time and they did well. You must be in so much pain. Take care.