Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine Swap

Happy February! I hope all are doing well.

I joined Vivian's Valentine Day Swap and was partnered with Debbie from Cozy Blanket blog. Debbie sent me a half of a heart box of candy decorated with the cutest little goodies making a Valentine shadow box. She also sent me a tiny Love banner. Thank you Debbie for everything. I am going to try to upload the picture from Debbie's blog since my computer will not allow me to upload pictures from my picture library!!So ready to pull my hair out!!!
so here goes!!! yea
h it worked. I sent Debbie a box of goodies and she has gotten them. She said she would post soon.  Thank you Debbie for the shadow box and love banner.

I have enjoyed looking at everyone's swap goodies!! They are all amazing!! Swaps are such fun!

Thank you Vivian for hosting such a fun swap.

Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day!!! 


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Lynn! Swaps are so much fun what cute things you have shared!

I use Windows Live Writer to write my blog posts and then publish them to my blog. I don't have any problems uploading my pictures on WLW. Have you tried using it? It is user friendly.

As for the question you left me about the heart on the straw, no, these were not mine. They sound cute!

Happy Valentine's Day to you.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Debbie is so clever and I just saw all the lovely things you sent her. Such a festive and fun swap! Valentine hugs!