Thursday, April 16, 2015

OMG Here I go again


Well, I went to my Orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday because I have been having back pain in the only area of my back that has not been operated on before. So, I thought I had just pulled a muscle or something and just wanted to make sure. Well, since it was in a new area I had to have X-rays done. Then after chatting with a nurse about my furbabies (my surgeon allowed me to keep Bella and Sarge with me during my first back surgery hospital stay. My daughter is a CNA and worked on the orthopedic floor so she took the time off and stayed with me 24 hours a day and did most of my care during that first hospital stay. My surgeon still talks about Sarge and Bella and still has the photo on his cell phone he just transfer them to his new phones!! I love Dr. G or as we refer to him as Dr. Sexy. He is as cute as can be and a huge animal lover and invites Dana and our families to his Halloween parties each year) and when he came in the room he didn't look happy. He said Lynn your
x-rays have really changed since last summer. I need to get a bone scan on you because you can't do MRIs anymore because of the metal in your back and if the bone scan doesn't show it well enough we will have to do another mylogram with CT scan. I said what is wrong another bulging disc? He said no, it looks like you have a spinal compression facture in one or more vertebrae!!!! I am like how did that happen, he said I don't know but this isn't good because you already have degenerative disc disease!!!! So that is where I am at!!! This will be surgery #7 on my back and in the only area that is not a scar already!!! I am like why oh why!!! I was working toward knee surgery on both knees and never considered another back surgery was in my future. Please keep me in your prayers or send good thoughts my way. I am just beside myself. My bone scan is next Wednesday. So hopefully it will show what it needs to show and the other test will not be required. That one is painful and I got sick as a dog after the one last summer.
I hope everyone is doing well.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Sending up prayers Lynn. Hugs!~♥Amy

Unknown said...

A spinal compression fracture is often caused by osteoporosis. Bones can become soft, weakened, and brittle. Every day activities can cause the compression fracture in such bones so anything from bending over to sneezing could be the cause of your newest problem. Many times compression fractures are not even diagnosed as people just attribute the back pain to aging and do not see their doctors.

Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts

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